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Miscellaneous manuscripts

  • AU PMB MS 1070
  • Collection
  • 1903-1939

See notes for PMB 1065 and PMB 1067

  1. Diary of Charles Banks, Sept.-Dec. 1903 (continuation of PMB 1069).<BR>2. Diaries of Robert Wigmore, owner of the Papua Plantation at Titikaveka, 1918, 1920, 1923, 1925 and 1926 (MS 52).<BR>3. Te Akatauira/Guiding Star, 1939. Printed news-sheet in Rarotongan and English. Edited by A.R. Henry.

Cook Islands Library and Museum Society

Bachelor of Divinity and Master of Theology theses

  • AU PMB MS 1084
  • Collection
  • 1968-1993

The Pacific Theological College in Suva, Fiji, is an ecumenical institution founded in 1966 to assist in providing the Pacific churches a highly trained indigenous ministry. The College established an international reputation for quality theological education, particularly in the three core areas of Biblical Studies, Theology and History of Christianity. In 1987 in began a Master of Theology programmme in Pacific Church History. The thesis is an integral part of the PTC's Bachelor of Divinity and master of Theology programmes.

Approximately 294 theses filmed in chronological order. Many systematically apply detailed local knowledge to topics covering a broad range of cultural, social and political matters in the Pacific Islands.

See reel list for further details

Pacific Theological College

Business and family papers re activities in the New Hebrides

  • AU PMB MS 1091
  • Collection
  • 1899-1996

Adolphus Zeitler's family came from Germany to Australia from California in the 1850s. Zeitler married Lizzie MacLeod. The papers are mainly concern the firm Zeitler & Hagen. The correspondence is mainly from Adolphus and Lizzie Zeitler's plantation, Ringdove Bay, on Epi, New Hebrides. Correspondence includes many letters from Nicholas (Tiby) Hagen, and also letters from Les Mitchell, Steve d'Avera and R. J. Fletcher

Correspondence-in, 1899-1933<br>correspondence-out, 1921-1931<BR>ms and partial transcript of a diary kept by Lizzie and Adolphis Zeitler, 1919-1920<BR>journal of the launch, <I>Overseas</I>, 1913-1915<BR>formula book<BR>notebook<BR>personal, legal and medical documents<BR>miscellaneous accounts<P><B>See reel list for further details</B>

Zeitler, Adolphus

Diaries (photocopy of Roviana originals and English translations)

  • AU PMB MS 1102
  • Collection
  • Jun 1925, Feb 1936, Apr 1937, Mar-Sep 1942, Jan-Mar 1946, May-Dec 1950

Joseph Tozaka was associated with the Methodist Mission in the West of the Solomon Islands

Diaries (photographs of the original), 1-7 Jun 1925, 20-26 Feb 1936, 5-11 Mar 1936, 9 Mar-1 Apr 1942, 16 Apr-23 Aug 1942, 16 Apr-23 Aug 1942, 24 Jan-6 Mar 1946, 23-25 Mar 1950?, 21 May-9Dec 1950. <BR> Diaries (Ts. Translations of originals), 1-7 Jun 1925, 20-26 Feb 1936, 5-11 Mar 1936, 26 Mar-15 Apr 1936, 26 Mar-15 Apr 1936, 14 Jan-10 Feb 1937, 9 Mar-25 Mar 1942, 26 Mar-23 Aug 1942,5, 26-27 Sep 1942, 2 Jan 1946, 23, 26 Jan-6 Mar 1946, 23 May-9 Dec 1950.<P><b>See reel list for further details</b>

Tozaka, Job

Diary (Roviana original and English translation)

  • AU PMB MS 1104
  • Collection
  • May 1935-Jan 1936

David Voeta was associated with the Methodist Mission in the West of the Solomon Islands

Diary (possibly a transcript), May 1935-Jan 1936. English translation of the diary, May 1935-Jan 1936.<P><b>See reel list for further details</b>

Voeta, David

Diary (photocopy of original in Roviana)

  • AU PMB MS 1105
  • Collection
  • Jan-Apr 1937

This diary, associated with the Methodist Mission in the Solomon Islands, was found with Job Tozaka's diary (see PMB 1102)

Diary of an unnamed person, possibly John Kevisi, 14 Jan-21 Apr 1937<P><b>See reel list for further details</b>

John Kevisi [?]

Documents relating to Tama'aiga titles disputes

  • AU PMB MS 1115
  • Collection
  • 1949, 1976, 1977, 1983, 1990

The Tuimaleali'ifano title is one of the four princely titles in Samoa.

Legal documents and some related material concerning cases in 1949, 1976 and 1977 in the Land and Titles Court of Western Samoa re disputes on succession of the Tuimaleali'ifano title. <P><b>See reel list for further details</b>

Land and Titles Court, Western Samoa


  • AU PMB MS 1120
  • Collection
  • 1905-1982

French Marists first reached the Solomon Islands in 1845. A decade on, the losses of this expedition were great: San Cristobel, Woodlark, Umboi and Tikopia had all been abandoned; nine missionaries were dead. Under the auspices of the Oceania Marist Province, missionaries re-entered the Solomon Islands in May 1898. Apolostic Vicariates were established in the North and South Solomons and a Vicariate of the Western Solomons was established in 1960. After 1967 the Vicariats became known as Dioceses.<BR>Catholic development was directed from the Mission Station at Visale Station, Guadalcanal, before World War II, and from Honiara after the war. Though the Marist Fathers stayed at their posts during the war many records were detroyed and surviving records were subsequently decimated by mould and termites. See aslo the Mission journal, Na Turupatu, 1911-1958, 1970-1971, at PMB Doc 423 and Oceania Marist Provincial archives re North and South Solomons at OMPA 361-400.

Diocesan correspondence with the following Mission Stations:<BR>Ata'a/Ususue 1957-1967<BR> Malageti 1953-1971<BR> Tarapaina 1950-1970<BR>Ata'a land 1961-1973<BR> Makina 1971-1974 <BR>Rohinari 1972-1974<BR>Avu Avu 1946-1981<BR> Makina Marau District <BR>1952-1977<BR> Tsuva 1964-1970<BR>King George VI School<BR> 1951-1954 Manivovo<BR> 1949-1967<BR> Visale 1948-1953, 1961-1969<BR>Buma 1927, 1947-1982<BR>Rokera 1946-1968<BR>Wanoni Bay 1945-1970<BR>Buma land 1946-1981<BR>Ruavatu 1944-1977<BR>Yandina 1963-1970<BR>Dala 1950-1976 (gaps)<BR>Tangarare 1943-1968<BR><P>Together with correspondence held by theWanoni Bay Mission Station, 1905-1957, and a box file labelled World War II, and history and customs.<P><b>See reel list for further details</b>

Catholic Archdiocese of Honiara

Papers on Pacific Islands land matters

  • AU PMB MS 1168
  • Collection
  • 1919-1997

Alan Ward is Emeritus Professor of History at the University of Newcastle, NSW and contract historian for the Waitangi Tribunal, New Zealand. His Master's thesis was on the East Coast Maori Trust, in the Gisborne region of New Zealand's North Island where he was born and raised. During this research Ward became interested in customary Maori land tenure and its conversion to forms of title cognisable in the New Zealand courts and intended to facilitate land transfer and economic development. This interest lead to subsequent research on land tenure in the Pacific islands, particularly in New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea and to employment in land administration in the latter two countries. Emeritus Professor Ward is the author of a number of books on land issues in PNG, New Caledonia and New Zealand, the most recent being <I>An Unsettled History: Treaty Claims in New Zealand Today</I> (Bridget Williams Books, Wellington, 1999).

Almost half of this record group is concerned with PNG. These papers were gathered when Ward was Lecturer in History at the University of Papua New Guinea and adviser to the Land Evaluation and Demarcation Project Study (LEAD). The collection includes correspondence, notes, articles and papers, draft legislation and press cuttings. A small portion of these papers relate to politics and land matters in Australia, New Zealand, Solomon Islands, Africa, Marshall Islands, Kiribati, Vanuatu, Banaba, French Polynesia and Guadeloupe. The remainder of the documents are mainly concerned with New Caledonia between 1947 and 1990 and were assembled by Ward at La Trobe University, Melbourne, through the 1980s, particularly during the years of political uncertainty in the French Territory from 1984 to 1990. <b>The complete, two hundred page calender of microfilmed documents held in the Alan Ward papers is available. <a href=> [rtf format]</a>, <a href=> [pdf format]</a> </b>
<b>See reel list of file titles for a shorter summary</b>.

Ward, Alan

Monthly and quarterly reports and related papers

  • AU PMB MS 1178
  • Collection
  • 1939-1962

Laurie Bragge, who was a Patrol Officer in New Guinea from 1961, was posted to the West Sepik Distict from time to time where he collected these documents.

Aitape District patrol reports, 1944-45; Sepik District and Sub-District monthly and patrol reports, 1945; Aitape District Office and Sub-District monthly reports, native labour report, sing-sing report, 1945-46; Aitape Sub-District monthly and quarterly reports 1946-57; Vanimo Patrol Post monthly and quarterly reports, 1946-62; Aitape Sub-District correspondence, 1945-48; notations from Aotei Village Book, 1939-45; miscellaneous printed material. See Finding aids for details.

Sepik District Administration, Papua New Guinea

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