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Ai Tukutuku Vakalotu Suva: Methodist Mission. No.1 (1893) - No.698 (Nov. 1964)

  • AU PMB DOC 199
  • Collection
  • 1897-1903

Fijian language periodical, published by the Methodist Church in Suva, Fiji, where it was microfilmed. Quarterly in 1896, became monthly in the mid 1900s. Mitchell Library, Sydney, has 1893-1905 (complete): 1906-15 (impf.): 1937-1950 (impf.): 1951-1964 (complete). No complete runs are known for 1906, 1907 and 1909. Covers articles and news of the Methodist Mission in Fiji, the South Pacific and elsewhere. For later volumes see PMB Doc .200-205.

Issues for 1897-1900 (complete): 1901-1903 very incomplete

Ai Tukutuku Vakalotu

Diaries (photocopy of Roviana originals and English translations)

  • AU PMB MS 1102
  • Collection
  • Jun 1925, Feb 1936, Apr 1937, Mar-Sep 1942, Jan-Mar 1946, May-Dec 1950

Joseph Tozaka was associated with the Methodist Mission in the West of the Solomon Islands

Diaries (photographs of the original), 1-7 Jun 1925, 20-26 Feb 1936, 5-11 Mar 1936, 9 Mar-1 Apr 1942, 16 Apr-23 Aug 1942, 16 Apr-23 Aug 1942, 24 Jan-6 Mar 1946, 23-25 Mar 1950?, 21 May-9Dec 1950. <BR> Diaries (Ts. Translations of originals), 1-7 Jun 1925, 20-26 Feb 1936, 5-11 Mar 1936, 26 Mar-15 Apr 1936, 26 Mar-15 Apr 1936, 14 Jan-10 Feb 1937, 9 Mar-25 Mar 1942, 26 Mar-23 Aug 1942,5, 26-27 Sep 1942, 2 Jan 1946, 23, 26 Jan-6 Mar 1946, 23 May-9 Dec 1950.<P><b>See reel list for further details</b>

Tozaka, Job

Diary (photocopy of original in Roviana)

  • AU PMB MS 1105
  • Collection
  • Jan-Apr 1937

This diary, associated with the Methodist Mission in the Solomon Islands, was found with Job Tozaka's diary (see PMB 1102)

Diary of an unnamed person, possibly John Kevisi, 14 Jan-21 Apr 1937<P><b>See reel list for further details</b>

John Kevisi [?]

Diary (Roviana original and English translation)

  • AU PMB MS 1104
  • Collection
  • May 1935-Jan 1936

David Voeta was associated with the Methodist Mission in the West of the Solomon Islands

Diary (possibly a transcript), May 1935-Jan 1936. English translation of the diary, May 1935-Jan 1936.<P><b>See reel list for further details</b>

Voeta, David

Papers relating to Levers Pacific Plantations Limited and related companies.

  • AU PMB MS 1139
  • Collection
  • 1894-1928

Joseph Meek was Chairman of Lever Bros Australia Ltd and Managing Director of Lever's Pacific Plantations Ltd, 1903-1924. An enthusiastic supporter of the copra industry in the Pacific, Meek purchased 51,000 acres of freehold land in the Solomon Islands for Lever's Pacific Plantations Ltd from Captain O. Svenson in 1905 for copra growing.

Correspondence with Lord Leverhulme, J.L. Tillotson, Charles Woodford, and others, and related papers, 1904-1927 <BR> Reports, 1897-1926, including Fulton & Greenhalgh's Reports on Island Properties and Trading Stations, 1902, and Captain Langdale's Report to the Pacific Islands Company on the Rob Roy Expedition to the Solomon Islands, 1900 <BR> Incorporation documents of Lever Bros Ltd, 1894, & Lever's Pacific Plantations Ltd, 1902 <BR> Financial records, Lever Bros Ltd, Sydney, 1923-1924, Lever Bros Ltd, London, 1925-27 <BR> Solomon Islands plantations, copra production, rainfall statistics and maps, 1905-1926 <BR> Agreements & other legal documents re occupation & purchase of Solomon Islands lands, 1905, & artificial growing of pearls, 1924 <BR> Lindenhafen Estates, Limited, Sydney, reports, accounts and press cuttings, 1919-1927 <BR> Buka Plantations & Trading Co Ltd, accounts, 1919-1927 <BR> Planting Limited, Memorandum & Articles of Association, 1923, & accounts, 1924-1926 <BR> Photographs, illuminated addresses and publications. <B><P>See reel list for further details</B>

Meek, Joseph

Ai Tukutuku Vakalotu Suva: Methodist Mission, 1937-1960

  • AU PMB DOC 205
  • Collection
  • March 1937 - March 1960

For details see PMB Doc .199

Issues for March 1937 - March 1960. Following issues only: No.369 (March 1937): No.547 (Oct. 1952): No.583 (Jan. 1956): No.633 (March 1960)

Ai Tukutuku Vakalotu

James Tedder slides of Territory of Papua and New Guinea and British Solomon Islands Protectorate

  • Collection
  • 1952 - 1974

This is a collection of 45 colour slides taken by James L.O. Tedder, MBE, during the period 1952 to 1974. Twenty nine of these slides were taken in the Territory of Papua New Guinea (TPNG) and 16 in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate (BSIP).

Of the 29 TPNG images, three are of Lae in Morobe District, dated 1952. There are also five images of Rabaul in New Britain: one dated 1952 may be of Tavurvur volcano, a view from Matupi Island. The other four dated August 1964 show the view from the District Commissioner’s garden, a sunset, dancers and school students. Also dated 1964 is a portrait of an unnamed female nurse in Madang District. This photograph may not belong in this series, nor have been taken by James Tedder. Judging from the information on the badge the nurse is wearing it was taken after Papua New Guinea Independence.

Three images dated 1958 were taken in the Eastern Highlands District, probably all at Mt Michael Patrol Post. They include one of James Tedder, his wife Margaret and their children with District Officer W E (Bill) Tomasetti. Tomasetti served in World War 2 / World War II as a commando in Timor. The other photos were taken of two groups of local men, some of whom are displaying their traditional wealth, including plumes and kina shells.

Mt Hagen and the Western Highlands District is the subject of 14 images probably all taken in August 1964: seven are aerial views of the town, airstrip and geographical features, including the Hindenberg Wall, and the terrain en route to Porgera. Seven are of Highlands people. The people, including a portrait of two women, are shown walking along a road or posing for a photograph and show the wealth and status of these people. Three images taken also in August 1964 in Central District are of the view across Fairfax Harbour to Port Moresby town and, in the foothills of the Owen Stanley range behind Port Moresby, of the Rona (Rouna) Falls hydro plant and the Falls themselves. Both this trip outside Port Moresby in Central Province and the flight in the Western Highlands District were probably facilitated by the Western Highlands District Commissioner of TPNG’s Western Highlands District, Tom Ellis, for the District Commissioner of BSIP’s Western District, James Tedder, after the men met at a meeting in Port Moresby.

The last group of images in this collection were taken in the BSIP of two active volcanoes, one in Western District and one in Eastern. The submarine volcano Kavachi, in Western, is in the UNESCO Marovo Tetepare Complex, which is home to outstanding marine biodiversity. Of the five aerial images, two are captioned in distinctive handwriting “H. Moss 27.12.65”. Three images taken with what appears to be the same camera as Moss’, have “Tedder 1966” recorded on them in Tedder’s writing. It is possible that these are duplicates of three images taken by Harry Moss, MBE, and have been dated accordingly. After retiring as a TAA (Trans Australia Airlines) Captain, Harry became the first pilot in the new Solomon Islands internal airline Megapode Airways. Margaret Tedder worked in the Megapode office and occasionally James Tedder was flown by Harry for work purposes. Both men mention the other in their autobiographies, James in his “A District Administrator in the Islands 1952-1974” (published 2008) and Harry in his “10,000 Hours In the Life of a Flying Doctor Pilot” (published 1988). In Eastern District, in the Santa Cruz Islands, is Tinakula. A conical stratovolcano in the same volcanic arc as Kavachi, Tinakula has a long history of activity, including throughout 2019. There are eleven images, a number of them taken from different angles from the air, dated July 1974, and show landslips caused by the volcano’s activity.

James Tedder and members of his family described/captioned the majority of the images.

Tedder, James L.O.

“Taem bilong iume: Some notes on people and events in the post WWII British Solomon Islands Protectorate by a proud former resident”

  • AU PMB MS 1376
  • Collection
  • 2007

Paul Brown first went to the British Solomon Islands Protectorate in July 1958. For 19 years he was based in Honiara. He helped to establish Solomon Island Airlines, SOLAIR, growing the business from two bush aircraft to a fleet and introduced flights to PNG and Vanuatu. He was involved in many areas of tourism and travel in the Solomon Islands.
Paul Brown was initially asked by Ian Wotherspoon and Trevor Clark to contribute a chapter on early planters and traders and another on the development of the internal air service to a larger book called Taem bilong iume (De bilong mi) on the British Solomon Islands Protectorate prior to independence in July 1978. (See correspondence from Trevor Clark re: De bilong mi in PMB1365/46). Taem bilong iume was never published. Paul Brown later edited his chapters and added more information to create this book. The book was privately written and published by Paul H. Brown and is not for sale.

1 – Planters and traders, p.1
2 – Air services, p.14
3 – Missionaries, p.26
4 – Most obedient servants, p.31
5 – Box wallahs, p.37
6 – Friends for life, p.42
Appendix I: The UK’s “Daily Telegraph” obituary notice for Ninian Scott-Elliot RN (Ret’d), Sir Renn Davis and Sir Jocelyn Bodilly.
Appendix II: Copy of an unpublished report on the mysterious loss of R.C.S. “Melanesian” in July 1958 by an unknown then S.I. based author.
61pp. plus appendices.

Brown, Paul H.

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