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Pacific Islands Company Ltd: Pacific Phosphate Company Ltd Miscellaneous printed papers

  • AU PMB DOC 99
  • Collection
  • 1898-1920

The papers relating to the Pacific Islands Company Ltd are:<BR><BR>1. Prospectus, c.1898<BR>2. Report from <I>The Times</I>, 20 April 1899<BR>3. <I>Short notes on the Islands referred to in the Prospectus</I>, c.1899<BR>4. Prospectus, 3 June 1899<BR>5. Notes on Baker (Guano) Island, n.d.<BR>6. Notes on North-West and Tryon Islands, c.1898<BR>7. <I>We have this day sold to ...</I>, c.1898<BR>8. Issue of 9,850.00 first mortgage debentures<BR>9. Report of Directors, 21 December 1900<BR>10. Issue of 60,000.00 first mortgage debenture stock, 1902<BR>11. <I>Phosphate Deposits of Ocean and Pleasant Islands</I>, by F. Danvers Powers<BR><BR>The papers relating to the Pacific Phosphate Company Ltd are:<BR><BR>1. Issue of 100,000 six per cent cumulative second preference shares at par, 6 March 1914<BR>2. Correspondence respecting Military Operations against German possessions in the Western Pacific, 1915<BR>3. Sale of Shares, 26 July 1917<BR>4. Notice of extraordinary general meeting, 8 July 1919<BR>5. Report on annual general meeting, from <I>The Times</I>, 21 July 1919<BR>6. Report of extraordinary general meeting, from <I>The Times', 16 July 1920</I><BR>7. <I>A British Phosphate Enterprise</I>, article by Thos. J. McMahon, in <I>The World's Work</I>, June 1919<BR>8. Three clippings from <I>The Times</I> - 28 May 1920, 17 June 1920, and undated.

Pacific Islands Company Ltd: Pacific Phosphate Company Ltd

Tonga Government Gazette

  • AU PMB DOC 100
  • Collection
  • 1911-1921

Official meeting publication of the Tonga Government.

Reel 1: Issues 1911 to 30 Oct. 1917: annual returns are bound, and filmed, with 1911-1913<BR>Reel 2: 2 Nov. 1917 - 1921

Tonga Government Gazette

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