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Worin village registers

  • AU PMB MS 1434
  • Collection
  • 4 March 1940 - 17 July 1972

These Patrol Officer field notebooks are about the Worin village of the Huon Peninsular in the Morobe District of New Guinea. Edwin Ernst Styants primarily kept the first register, but during the period 1944-1946, Patrol Officers L. Williams, Stuart Rylands and A.J. Leyden also recorded their observations and findings. The register includes clear instructions and orders on how to compile or record the names of village men and women and their dates of birth if known. Patrol officers recorded the names of all the village and hamlets inhabitants including those who were absent on indentured labour recruitments. The details recorded provided valuable and useful census data for the colonial authorities. This data formed the basis of the inspecting officer of the Department of District Services to crosscheck all births, deaths, migrations or relocations.

This register also lists the names of village or group, hamlets, native district, Luluai, Tultul, Medical Tultul by the Patrol Officer. There are blank pages for patrolling officers to enter their notes and instructions for the inspecting officers of the Department of District Services. The first register lists Uron as the Luluai of the Dopet hamlet and Dingson of the Nakom hamlet. Tultul MUSU of Mumbok served for 24 years and was presented a signed certificate of his services at Mumeng on 22nd October 1962. The Medical Tutul was SIWI of Dopet hamlet.

Of note in the first register is an entry stating that Tultul Dunjiyong wielded considerable power and was instrumental in giving full assistance to Peter Ryan during the Second World War. Ryan was the author of ‘Fear Drive My Feet’, a classic memoir of his time patrolling isolated regions of New Guinea during World War 2/World War II.

The second Village Register is divided into the following columns:
Males, Females, Estimated or known Year of birth. The entries in these columns have their original native names and often lists husband and wife but also whether the adult member of the village lives on his or her own.

General information on condition of roads, tracks, water supplies, gardens, distances between the villages as well as sanitation and latrines. All are hand written by the visiting Patrol Officers.

Soukup, Martin

Wallis Island papers

  • AU PMB MS 1014
  • Collection
  • c.1900-1960

Dr Renaud was born in France in about 1900. His medical and administrative career in the French Government service took him to French colonies in Africa, the Antilles, Guiana and the Pacific. In about 1930 he was chief medical officer and surgeon at the Gaston Bourret hospital in Noumea, New Caledonia and between 1931-33 Resident and medical officer in Wallis and Futuna. While in Wallis, Dr Renaud discovered a carbon copy of an anonymous work on Wallisian grammar: Elements de grammaire wallisienne. It may be the grammar by Dr Maxim Viala. According to Paul Privat-Deschanel, cited by Patrick O'Reilly in his Bibliographie ... des Iles Wallis et Futuna (Paris: Musee de l'Homme, 1964). Dr Viala, while Resident and medical officer in Wallis in the early 1900s, compiled a Wallisian grammar and dictionary which was expected to be published. P. O'Reilly notes that to 1964, it had not appeared. Another, possibly the original, copy of the manuscript was owned in the 1950s by Prof. J. Guiart, then in New Caledonia. It was microfilmed under the South Pacific Commission's Preservation of Manuscripts programme and recorded in Deposit Notice 36. It is not clear (Dec. 1989) whether the master negative is held in the National Library of Australia or whether it is of sufficiently good quality for reproduction. Dr Renaud's copy is therefore refilmed by the PMB, together with the text of a lecture Les Iles Wallis et Futuna given in Paris in about 1960 by Dr Renaud but based on his 1931-33 experiences and subsequent researches. See also PMB Doc.399.

Elements de grammaire walliseienne n.d. n.p. 76p; carbon copy of typescript; pp.74 and 75 transposed.<P>Black and white photograph of Dr Renaud<P>Les iles Wallis et Futuna n.d. (1960?) typescript of lecture given in Paris by Dr Renaud; 11p.

Renaud Dr Georges J.L.

Vocabulary of Kwara'ae, Solomon Islands

  • AU PMB MS 44
  • Collection
  • c.1955

Kwara'ae vocabulary with English translations, followed by three stories in Kwara'ae, also translated into English, by R.N. Gallyon. The Kwara'ae language is is spoken in the north-central of Malaita Island, Solomon Islands.

Gallyon, Roger N.

Vocabulary of Bohilai

  • AU PMB MS 64
  • Collection
  • 1934 - 1952

Father Baldwin spent several years at the Sacred Heart Mission in the Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea.

A 333 page Bohilai-English vocabulary. Bohilai is the language of Basilaki Island (formerly Moresby Island), one of the islands of the Louisiade Archipelago of Papua. Additional language material by Father Baldwin is available as PMB 1031

Baldwin, Bernard

Vocabulary of Biga Boyowa

  • AU PMB MS 63
  • Collection
  • 1936 - 1939

Father Baldwin spent several years at the Sacred Heart Mission in the Trobriand Islands, Papua New Guinea. He completed this vocabulary between 1936 and 1937.

A 380 page Biga Boyowa-English vocabulary, inscribed Gusaweta Trobriand Isl. Nov 20th 1939. Biga Boyowa is a Trobriand Island language. See also PMB MS 41 and MS 64. Additional language material by Father Baldwin will be available as PMB 1031

Baldwin, Bernard

Vanuatu prints

  • Collection
  • 2007

PMBPhoto 69 is a collection of 152 photographs of Vanuatu subjects and one poster. Jan Gammage took the photos between 29 June and 22 July 2007 when on a holiday with friends, David and Beryl Gowty, and also collected the poster. The photos are of people and places on the islands of Efate, Malekula, Ambrym, Espiritu Santo, and Tanna and are complemented by the photos in PMBPhoto102 taken by Bill Gammage.
Subjects in and around Port Vila include the waterfront, the womens’ handcraft market, and the food market. At the Vanuatu National Museum, a demonstration of the art of sandroing [sand drawing] by Edgar Hinge was photographed.
South Malekula subjects include Lakatoro, its shops and the Cultural Centre. At Lamap, the Tiano family made us welcome. Levi’s Store, kava trading, the hospital, ruins of a French convent, slit gongs and carved ferns were subjects. On the Maskelyne Islands, subjects include the local string band, pigs, beach and a starfish on the reef.
At Craig Cove on the west coast of Ambrym and Dip Cove, subjects include a cargo boat unloading, the Lake Fanteng Conservation Area, megapods, hot springs, rock peckings and a men’s ceremonial site.
On Espiritu Santo, subjects include Port Olry, Lonnoc, Vatthe Conservation Area, Matantas near Big Bay, Luganville and surrounds, a Seventh Day Adventist baptism, and real estate advertising.
On Tanna, subjects include White Beach, and at Lenakel the shops and the market, Yasur volcano, Manuapen, and Port Resolution.
The educational poster deals with environment and endangered species protection.

Gammage, Jan

Vanuatu photographs

  • AU PMB PHOTO 102
  • Collection
  • 30 June 2007

PMBPhoto 102 is a collection of 158 photographs of Vanuatu subjects Bill Gammage took between 29 June and 22 July 2007 when on a holiday with friends, David and Beryl Gowty. The photos are of people and places on the islands of Efate, Malekula, Ambrym, Espiritu Santo, and Tanna and are complemented by the photos in PMBPhoto69 taken by Jan Gammage.
Subjects in and around Port Vila include flowers, the market, the war memorial, and Ernest’s museum.
Two towns in South Malekula, Lakatoro and Lamap, were subjects as well as Uluveo Island in the Maskelynes, south east of Malekula. Subjects in Lakatoro include flowers and fruits, the main street, and the war memorial, and in Lamap, where the Tiano family made us welcome, subjects include Levi’s Store, copra drying, and the Catholic school. On the Maskelyne Islands, subjects include mangroves, coral and coastal landscapes, fruit and Sangalai school, a string band and people arriving with goods for sale in the next day’s market.
The coast of West Ambrym up to Dip Cove is photographed, and at Wakon, subjects include Jessie and Leah Saksak and family, flowers, fruit and beaches. Other subjects include the Lake Fanteng Conservation Area, a megapod nesting area and eggs, hot springs, and rock peckings.
Subjects on Espiritu Santo include Luganville town and hinterland e.g. Sarakata River, cattle and drovers on the East Coast Road, Lonnoc and Port Olry beaches, the road to Big Bay and the Bay itself, World War 2 American ammunition dumps, and a Seventh Day Adventist baptism.
On Tanna, subjects include White Beach Resort and gardens, and the beach, including corals.

Gammage, Bill

Two albums of photographs taken during a voyage to and residence in the Solomon Islands from April to October 1886, and additional loose photographs

  • Collection
  • 1852-1927

This collection by Charles Morris Woodford includes two albums of photographs taken during a voyage to and residence in the Solomon Islands from April to October 1886, as well as additional loose photographs.
The collection includes images from the villages Aola and Fauro in the Solomon Islands. Images include village life, canoes, native animals, customs and the natural environment as well as Charles Morris Woodford’s life and Government residence in Tulagi, Solomon Islands.
Additional photographs from Rabaul, Madang, New Britain and New Ireland in Papua New Guinea.

Woodford, Charles Morris

Tupou College records

  • AU PMB MS 985
  • Collection
  • 1868 - early 1920s

The records are in a series numbered D100 to D137. Some items could not be located for microfilming; others were not microfilmed because of their minimal historical value. The contents of the two reels are:

Reel 1: D100 - College diary, 1899-1901
D109 - mark book, 1868-71
D110 - mark book 1880-91
D111 - mark book 1893-96
D114A - History of Britain 'Bilitonia' by Dr J.E. Moulton
D115 - E.E.V. Collocott papers comprising Pita Vi's narrative (30pp.) typescript
D116 - Collocott papers, beings songs, poems, stories (Tongan)

Reel 2: D117 - original notes (in several hands) from which Collocott transcribed
D118 - examination papers 1898
D120 - daily meteorological records 1874-78
D129 - diary, notebooks of J.E. Moulton and E.E. Crosby re Wesleyan-Free Church conflict, 1885
D130 - Diary, notebooks of J.E. Moulton - 1887, Wesleyan-Free Church conflict
D131 - diary, notebook, J.E. Moulton, 22 January - 14 May 1887.

Free Wesleyan Church of Tonga

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