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Malaita, Solomon Islands Colección
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Marching Rule: a personal memoir

  • AU PMB MS 1076
  • Colección
  • c.1970-1980

After graduating from Manchester University, Roy Davies joined the British Overseas Civil Service in 1944. He served first as a cadet with the British Solomon Islands Protectorate, and later became a Solomon Islands District Commissioner on Malaita. From 1957 to 1962 he was Secretary of the Government of the Gilbert and Ellice Islands Colony. He retired in 1972.

A 368 page typescript with mss corrections, footnotes, index and maps, c. 1970. Divided into 43 chapters, with an introduction, this manuscript gives the author's reminiscences of the Masina Rule Movement in the Solomon Islands during the years 1944-47. Based on contemporary notes recorded in his personal diary and on other personal papers from the time, Davies constructs an account of Masina rule from the viewpoint of the British colonial administrators.<BR> Also included on this reel is a 45 page typescript by Davies entitled <I>The Marching Rule and the British Solomon Islands Government</I>, dated April 1980.

Davies, Roy, 1921-1981

Autobiography and diary re Solomon Islands

  • AU PMB MS 553
  • Colección
  • 1928 - 1943

Sandars, a former officer in the British Army, went to the Solomon Islands in 1928 to join the armed constabulary. He was one of the most important District Officer and District Commissioners on Malaita throughout the 1930s until 1947. He died in NSW in March 1975.

The papers comprise:<BR>1. Autobiography covering the years 1928-43<BR>2. A diary kept from 23 November 1942 - 7 April 1943<BR>3. Autobiography, 1896-1923

Sandars Eustace