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Quarterly Jottings from the New Hebrides - John G. Paton Mission Fund Woodford, Essex (Etc.): John G. Paton Mission Fund. Nos. 1-284, July 1893-Spring 1966

  • AU PMB DOC 34
  • Colección
  • July 1893 - Jan 1900

Early issues published under the title New Hebrides South Sea Island Quarterly Jottings of the John G. Paton Mission Fund, edited by Rev. James Paton, a member of the Paton family which was very active for many years in the New Hebrides Presbyterian Mission. Place of publications and publishing body vary. For further details and contents see R. Langdon (ed) An index to Quarterly Jottings from the New Hebrides ... (Canberra: PMB, 1988)

Nos. 1-27, July 1893-Jan 1900

Quarterly Jottings from the New Hebrides - John G. Paton Mission Fund

Dictionary of the language of Talomako, Big Bay, New Hebrides: French-Talomako (A to 'Pere' only)

  • AU PMB MS 658
  • Colección

A Catholic mission at Talomako, Big Bay, was established in 1900 by Father Pierre Bochu, SM. In the following year, Father Casimir Bancarel arrived and remained until 1905. The dictionary is not in the handwriting of either Bochu or Bancarel. For letters by them see PMB 56.

The author of the dictionary is unknown.

Journals of the Melanesian Mission

Papers relating to the Kahua language and Makira in the Solomon Islands

  • AU PMB MS 1415
  • Colección
  • 1953-2015

Fr. Gerard Bruns was born on the 17 August 1932. He arrived in the Solomon Islands in September 1960 and worked as a Marist priest on Makira, Solomon Islands. Fr. Bruns took a great interest in the people of Makira and has documented much about the Kahua language and the culture of east Makira in the Solomon Islands. In 2008 he moved to the Marist Brothers at Tenaru Secondary School outside of Honiara. Fr. Bruns moved again and now lives at Tanagai parish centre close to the sea shore which has been his home ever since.

This collection includes typescript documents that Fr. Brun has written on his personal typewriter throughout more than fifty years of living in the Solomon Islands. The collection include grammars and vocabularly/dictionaries of the Kahua language. The collection also includes Fr John Espagne’s thesis on Makira religion, titled ‘Witless Trust’, written in 1953. Fr. Brun edited "Witless Trust" to make the text more readable and typed the manuscript himself, titled ‘Origins of Religion in Makira. Anthropological Investigations. Father Iron John Investigations 1918-2001’.
Also included in the collection is Fr. Brun's autobiography ‘Antipode’ (2015), his manuscript ‘Augunua, Among the Kahua’ (2011), which summarizes Espagne’s thesis and also the ideas of Lorensio Marau, a Makiran who had described origin stories and beliefs, developing syncretic approach to Catholicism and traditional beliefs. ‘Auguna, among the Kahua’ also contains kastom stories as well as insights into Makiran society. The collection also includes Fr. Brun's manuscript on "The evangelisation of Makira, 1845-1847; 1908-1960". Fr. Brun worked with Solomon Islanders and translated the Bible into the Kahua language.

Bruns, Gerard

Diaries relating to his service with the Church of Christ Mission on Pentecost Island, New Hebrides (now Vanuatu).

  • AU PMB MS 1358
  • Colección
  • 1908-1918

Frank Filmer was a missionary with the Churches of Christ on Pentecost Island, New Hebrides from 1908-1919. Frank became engaged to Rosa Jane Fountain and in 1908 left to work as a missionary for the Church of Christ. He returned to South Australia and on 6 April 1909 Rosa and Frank were married in the Grote Street Church of Christ, Adelaide, South Australia. They had five children, four of whom were born in the islands. In 1923 Rosa developed malaria and died. Frank returned with his young children to Australia and worked as a Minister for the Church of Christ in Kadina, South Australia. Frank married Vera Edna Woodward on 2 November 1925 and returned to work on Ambryn as a plantation manager, where he had two more children. In 1929 they returned to South Australia. Frank later bought a dairy farm in Meadows where he and his three sons worked.

Four diaries written by Frank Filmer, 1908-1918

Reel 1:
Diary 1, 29 Feb 1908-31 Dec 1909;
Diary 2, 1 Jan 1910-31 Dec 1912
Diary 3, 1 Jan 1913-31 Dec 1915
Diary 4, 1 Jan 1916-31 Dec 1918

Filmer, Frank Gordon (1885-1956)

Newspaper cuttings relating to the labour trade between Queensland and the New Hebrides

  • AU PMB MS 30
  • Colección
  • 1890 - 1895

In 1892, Paton was Chairman of the Presbyterian New Hebrides Mission. He was a vigorous opponent of the Queensland labour trade.

Newspaper cuttings relating to the labour trade between Queensland and the New Hebrides detailing, in particular, the iniquitous nature of the trade. The collection includes an open letter by Paton, Protest against the Revival of the Queensland Slave Trade, dated February 1892, to the Premier of Queensland, Sir Samuel Griffith, and Griffith's reply.

Paton, John G. (1824-1907)

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