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Solomon Islands botanical index cards

  • AU PMB MS 1366
  • Collection
  • 1971-1974, 1982

Margaret was born in Maryborough Qld in 1925 and educated in local schools except for one year at Sommerville Brisbane. She has worked as a bank clerk, as a private tutor on a cattle property and did a year at Queensland University and a year of nursing. Margaret and James Tedder lived in the Solomon Islands from 1952 until 1974. During the last years of her residence there, after the children went to Australian schools, Margaret did a lot of bush touring carrying out research on plants used by the Islanders for medicines, cures and other purposes. Most of Margaret Tedder’s plant identifications were checked in the now defunct Forest Herbarium where she lodged duplicates of the plants. These may now (2011) held in the University of South Pacific Herbarium, Suva. On retirement to Australia in 1975 Margaret did a bachelors degree in University of Adelaide majoring in anthropology and Pacific history. Cf. Margaret & James Tedder, Gardening: album of photographs of subsistence gardening in Eastern and Central Solomon Islands, 1955-1974. PMB Photo 48. M.M. Tedder and J.L.O. Tedder, Yams, a description of their cultivation on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, SPC Technical Paper No.169, Noumea, South Pacific Commission, 1974; 85 pp., illus. by B. House. Judith Hoye, “Custom medicine in Moli District, Guadalcal”, n.d. (1973?). Ts., roneo, 23pp., at PMB 1365/55.

Index cards on medicinal and other useful plants in the Solomon islands, A-Z, arranged by plant family. The cards record: Name; Family; Habitat; Constituents; Therapeutic activity; Local names; Sources of information; Preparation and use; Regions reporting use; Other locations reporting use. They are coded as follows, Dx = Diagnostic; Rx = Pharmaceutical (‘recipe’). Margaret Tedder undertook some comparative follow-up research in NSW in 1982 which is marked on some of the cards. Additional documents consist of :
• Plant uses, arranged by family A-Z. Excerpts from index cards arranged by plant use.
• Most of the information has been obtained from Central and Makira /Ulawa Province, Most of the plant vernacular provided is not placed into a specific language group or dialect. The main language groups include: Temotu, Malaita-San Cristobal, Gela-Guadalcanal and New Georgia
• List of Informats.
• Codes for Index cards.
See Finding aids for details.

Tedder, Margaret

Documents relating to Tama'aiga titles disputes

  • AU PMB MS 1115
  • Collection
  • 1949, 1976, 1977, 1983, 1990

The Tuimaleali'ifano title is one of the four princely titles in Samoa.

Legal documents and some related material concerning cases in 1949, 1976 and 1977 in the Land and Titles Court of Western Samoa re disputes on succession of the Tuimaleali'ifano title. <P><b>See reel list for further details</b>

Land and Titles Court, Western Samoa

Miscellaneous manuscripts

  • AU PMB MS 1081
  • Collection
  • 1968-1983

Uncatalogued manuscripts held in the archives and library at the Evech‚ in Papeete, including the following compilations by P. Amerigo Cools: <I>D‚buts de la Mission Catholique … Tahiti, 1841-1842: extraits du journal en Aph‚m‚rides du P. Satutnin Fournier; FrŠre Martin Darque, missionnaire des sacr‚s-coeurs [1816-1863]: documentation; L'Evˆch‚ de Papeete et les FrŠres Bƒtisseurs; Le PŠre Germain Fierens et la conversion de Napuka; La lettre du P. Albert Montiton ss.cc. sur les traditions et coutumes de Paumotous; La Mission Catholiques de L'Ile de Pƒques: rapport de Mgr Tepano Jaussen sur la destruction de la mission; les huit lettres du P. Gaspar Zuhmbohm.</I><BR>Together with a history of the Picpus Order in Polynesia, <I>Les Picpusiens en Ployn‚sie</I>, probably by P. Venance Prat, published as four separate pamphlets between 1964 and 1968; Jean Charlot (comp.), <I>Journal de D‚sir‚ Louis Maigret, premiŠre partie Les Gambier, 1834 … 1840</I>; P. Maurice Desmedt ss cc, <I>P. Clair Fouqu‚ ss.cc. et la conversion de l'archipel Tuamotu; Statistiques - marriages, baptˆmes, communions pascales, 1841-1880</I>; L'abb‚ Tryphon Mama Taira Putairi, <I>E atoga Magareva mei te ao eteni roa</I>. Cahier 10; Josepha Teuho a Tepage, <I>Legends and History from the Tuamotus</I>, transcribed (in Tuamotu) by Ignace Estall, with other related material.<P><B>See reel lists for further information</B>

Catholic Archdiocese of Papeete

Worin village registers

  • AU PMB MS 1434
  • Collection
  • 4 March 1940 - 17 July 1972

These Patrol Officer field notebooks are about the Worin village of the Huon Peninsular in the Morobe District of New Guinea. Edwin Ernst Styants primarily kept the first register, but during the period 1944-1946, Patrol Officers L. Williams, Stuart Rylands and A.J. Leyden also recorded their observations and findings. The register includes clear instructions and orders on how to compile or record the names of village men and women and their dates of birth if known. Patrol officers recorded the names of all the village and hamlets inhabitants including those who were absent on indentured labour recruitments. The details recorded provided valuable and useful census data for the colonial authorities. This data formed the basis of the inspecting officer of the Department of District Services to crosscheck all births, deaths, migrations or relocations.

This register also lists the names of village or group, hamlets, native district, Luluai, Tultul, Medical Tultul by the Patrol Officer. There are blank pages for patrolling officers to enter their notes and instructions for the inspecting officers of the Department of District Services. The first register lists Uron as the Luluai of the Dopet hamlet and Dingson of the Nakom hamlet. Tultul MUSU of Mumbok served for 24 years and was presented a signed certificate of his services at Mumeng on 22nd October 1962. The Medical Tutul was SIWI of Dopet hamlet.

Of note in the first register is an entry stating that Tultul Dunjiyong wielded considerable power and was instrumental in giving full assistance to Peter Ryan during the Second World War. Ryan was the author of ‘Fear Drive My Feet’, a classic memoir of his time patrolling isolated regions of New Guinea during World War 2/World War II.

The second Village Register is divided into the following columns:
Males, Females, Estimated or known Year of birth. The entries in these columns have their original native names and often lists husband and wife but also whether the adult member of the village lives on his or her own.

General information on condition of roads, tracks, water supplies, gardens, distances between the villages as well as sanitation and latrines. All are hand written by the visiting Patrol Officers.

Soukup, Martin


  • AU PMB MS 758
  • Collection
  • 1852 - 1929

Please see PMB 738 for full entry.

Continued from PMB 757 - Volume 17: correspondence 1900-09.
Volume 18: Reports, estimates, financial statements and correspondence, 1910-19, from mission stations on Abaiang, Kusaie, Guam, Ocean Island, Nauru, Majuro and Jaluit. The correspondents are Elizabeth Baldwin, Jane Baldwin, Herbert E.B. Case, Irving Channon, Salome and Philip Delaporte, Richard Grenfell, Carl Heine, Jessie R. Hoppin, Effa Lanbach, Charles Maas, M.S. Maas, Alya Meitzner, C. Rife, Marion P. Wells, Louise Wilson, T.J. Woodward, and Marion Woodward (continued on PMB 759 and 760).

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions


  • AU PMB MS 753
  • Collection
  • 1852 - 1929

Please see PMB 738 for full entry.

Continued from PMB 752 - Volume 13: correspondence, 1890-99.
Volume 14: Reports, minutes, estimates, cables and statistics, etc., 1900-09, relating to mission stations in the Gilbert Islands and on Guam, Kusaie, Ponape, Truk, the Mortlock Islands and Nauru (continued on PMB 754).

American Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions

Diary, miscellaneous papers and correspondence

  • AU PMB MS 497
  • Collection
  • 1900 - 1951

Ellis (1869-1951) was born in Queensland and educated in New Zealand. In the 1890s he became an employee of the Pacific Islands Company Ltd of London, which was involved in the guano industry on islands in the Coral Sea and the Phoenix Group (Kiribati). In 1900, he became curious about a rock which was used as a doorstop in the Sydney office of his company and this led to the discovery of the phosphate deposits on Ocean Island and Nauru. He was a prominent figure in the Pacific Phosphate Company Ltd in 1902. After the phosphate company was bought out by the British, Australian and New Zealand governments after World War I, he became commissioner for New Zealand on the British Phosphate Commission, which was established to exploit the phosphate deposits on Ocean Island and Nauru. He was the author of three books, Ocean Island and Nauru (1936), Adventuring in Coral Seas (1937) and Mid-Pacific Outpost (1946).

The documents on the microfilm include: 1. Ellis' diary for May 1900 when he went to Banaba (Ocean Island) in Kiribati to establish the phosphate industry there; 2. Clippings on the phosphate industry from various newspapers and journals; 3. Correspondence covering the period 1920-51.

Ellis, Albert Fuller


  • AU PMB MS 496
  • Collection
  • 1870 - 1871

Farquhar, a farmer of Maryborough, Queensland, visited New Caledonia, the Loyalty Islands and New Hebrides (Vanuatu) in the schooner 'City of Melbourne' in November 1870 to January 1871 to recruit Pacific Islander labourers for himself and other farmers in Maryborough. He made a second voyage to New Caledonia, the New Hebrides and Banks Islands in the schooner Petrel in September 1871-January 1872 as a government agent under the Polynesian Labourers' Act of 1868.

Description of the two voyages mentioned above.

Farquhar, William Gordon


  • AU PMB MS 493
  • Collection
  • 1897 - 1912

Arundel (1814-1919) was a leading figure in the Pacific phosphate industry from the 1860s until his death, active largely in Kiribati and Nauru. See Pacific Islands Monthly, April 1974, pp.59-61.

The correspondence is chiefly with Lord Stanmore who was chairman of the Pacific Islands Company Ltd, and later the Pacific Phosphate Company Ltd, of which Arundel was the Vice-Chairman.

Arundel, John T.

Papua Annual Reports

  • AU PMB DOC 313
  • Collection
  • 1906-1941

Reports made to the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia

Reel 1: 1906/07 - 1913/14
Reel 2: 1914/15 - 1923/24
Reel 3: 1924/25 - 1940/41

Papua Annual Reports

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