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Minutes of annual meetings, reports and women

  • AU PMB MS 1094
  • Collectie
  • 1984-1994

The Council of Pacific Teachers Organisations, formed in 1982, is an affiliate of the World Confederation of Organisations of the Teaching Profession. It is based in Suva, Fiji, and its members consist of teachers' industrial organisations from all the South Pacific islands. Its objects include professional development of teachers, development of teachers' organisations and extension of educational opportunities to all peoples in the South Pacific.

Minutes and related papers of 2nd-11th annual and bi-annual conferences, including the activities report to the 11th Conference, 1984-1994<BR>various papers, reports and speeches, 1986-1994<BR>General Secretary's files re CPTO Women's network, 1989-1993<BR>the Solomon Islands Teachers' Association Women's Wing, 1992 <P><B>See reel list for further details</B>

Council of Pacific Teachers Organisations

Correspondence re Papua

  • AU PMB MS 1018
  • Collectie
  • 1920s - 1940s

Sixteen letters from Dr Walter Mersh Strong to Gladys de Groen, Alan de Groen's sister, about his Port Moresby domestic affairs and visits to Australia, one accompanied by Papua Medical College students. Others deal with the purchase of a tobacco plantation in 1934 from Beatrice Grimshaw, Strong's period as Acting Lieutenant Governor (Feb-March 1936) and his time in ANGAU. There are also five letters from Alan de Groen containing his personal comments about his career in the Health and Treasury Departments and as Boarding Inspector. The last section of the microfilm includes photographs, press clippings and a short story.

Part 1: 15 letters from Dr W.M. Strong to Gladys de Groen 1926-1944 including: references to the plantation 'MacDhui'; Government Gazette nos 1, 2, 4 and 5 (January 1936); enclosures from the National Geographic Society; references to Rigo Government Station and ANGAU.<P>Part 2: 8 letters from Alan and Nin de Groen to Gladys de Groen 1929-1941(?) mostly from Port Moresby, one from Daru and one during service with ANGAU.<P>Part 3: Gladys de Groen: photographs (unindentified); press clippings - obituary of H.A.C. Bunting; Sir Hubert Murray's report: evil spirits and gold exports; flying boats for PNG; Bulolo River floods; 'Strange stories series', unsigned manuscript, handwriting not that of Gladys de Groen (3p.)

Strong, Walter Mersh

Papers, chiefly relating to Easter Island

  • AU PMB MS 531
  • Collectie
  • 1873 - 1920

The author was a member of a scientific expedition which visited Easter Island from 29 March 1914 to 18 August 1915. A brief call was also made at Pitcairn Island. The expedition travelled in the yacht Mana. Routledge published an account of the expedition in her book 'The Mystery of Easter Island', London (1919).

Reel 1: Correspondence, 1910-1912; miscellaneous notes; copies of printed accounts of Easter Island, including Rudolf Philippi, 'La Isla de Pascua i su habitantes', Anales de la Universidad de Chile, vol.43, May 1873, pp.365-434, Carl Burckhardt, Traces Geologiques d'un Ancien Continent Pacifique, La Plata, 1900. V.S. Frank, 'A trip to Easter Island', Journ. Franklin Inst., vol.162, No.3, 1906, Philadelphia; Easter Island bibliography; article from Nautical Magazine, 1863, pp.608-614.
Reel 2: Notes on archaeological remains; correspondence with Enrique Merlet, Lessee of Easter Island; Easter Island clans - first list; caves; notes on Easter Island history; census details; vocabulary; maps; genealogies; legends; notes on statues.
Reel 3: Diary, April 1914 - August 1915.
Reel 4: Letter from Lieut. D.R. Ritchie, commander of expedition, to chief of island on stealing of cattle, etc.; preliminary report on the collection of human skulls and bones from Easter Island by Arthur Keith, 1 Sept. 1916; notes on exterior quarries; reviews of The Mystery of Easter Island;newspaper clippings re expedition; photographs; catalogues of objects obtained on Easter Island by the expedition.

Routledge, Katherine Scoresby

British naval vessells in the Pacific Islands: a provisional index to source material

  • AU PMB MS 516
  • Collectie
  • 1800 - 1900

The compilation of this index was sponsored by the Pacific Manuscripts Bureau. It does not claim to be exhaustive. References taken from other indexes and reference books have not been checked.

The index is in alphabetical order by ship. It gives the captain's name; description of vessel; period of voyage; the location of published and unpublished accounts; and the vessel's itinerary, particularly in the Pacific Islands.

Reel 1: Acheron to Ringdove
Reel 2.: Rocket to Zebra

Dengate, Catherine

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