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Yule Island News

  • AU PMB DOC 497
  • Collection
  • Nos.7-71 (gaps), Aug 1961-Dec 1970

Published by the Yule Island Club, C/- Catholic Mission, Yule Island, Papua. Printed by the Comet Press, Yule Island, Papua.

The newsletter consists of 4 or 8 pages and includes detailed reports on personnel and activities of the Sacred Heart Mission in Papua, primary and secondary school and teacher training reports, letters, general reports, and lists of subscribers. Yule Island Club Officers in August 1961 were:
President: George Scott
Vice-President: Michael Neni
Treasurer: Andrew Ofoi
Assistant Treasurer: Billy Bray
Secretary: Henry Natera
Assistant Secretary: Mika Taligatus

See Finding aids for details.

Yule Island News

Yule Island station statistics

  • AU PMB MS 663
  • Collection
  • 1920 - 1959

Statistics gathered at the Mission station on Yule Island.

Roman Catholic Mission, Papua: Diocese of Bereina

whalemen's shipping list'

  • AU PMB MS 412
  • Collection
  • 13 Feb. 1883-2 - 2 Feb. 1886/24 Feb. 1874 - 15 Feb. 1876

Please see PMB 411. <BR><BR> 13 Feb. 1883-2 - 2 Feb. 1886/24 Feb. 1874 - 15 Feb. 1876

New Bedford, Massachusetts, USA

“Taem bilong iume: Some notes on people and events in the post WWII British Solomon Islands Protectorate by a proud former resident”

  • AU PMB MS 1376
  • Collection
  • 2007

Paul Brown first went to the British Solomon Islands Protectorate in July 1958. For 19 years he was based in Honiara. He helped to establish Solomon Island Airlines, SOLAIR, growing the business from two bush aircraft to a fleet and introduced flights to PNG and Vanuatu. He was involved in many areas of tourism and travel in the Solomon Islands.
Paul Brown was initially asked by Ian Wotherspoon and Trevor Clark to contribute a chapter on early planters and traders and another on the development of the internal air service to a larger book called Taem bilong iume (De bilong mi) on the British Solomon Islands Protectorate prior to independence in July 1978. (See correspondence from Trevor Clark re: De bilong mi in PMB1365/46). Taem bilong iume was never published. Paul Brown later edited his chapters and added more information to create this book. The book was privately written and published by Paul H. Brown and is not for sale.

1 – Planters and traders, p.1
2 – Air services, p.14
3 – Missionaries, p.26
4 – Most obedient servants, p.31
5 – Box wallahs, p.37
6 – Friends for life, p.42
Appendix I: The UK’s “Daily Telegraph” obituary notice for Ninian Scott-Elliot RN (Ret’d), Sir Renn Davis and Sir Jocelyn Bodilly.
Appendix II: Copy of an unpublished report on the mysterious loss of R.C.S. “Melanesian” in July 1958 by an unknown then S.I. based author.
61pp. plus appendices.

Brown, Paul H.

“The Flying Priest”. Fr Glover’s account of his flying experiences in New Guinea, mainly during the Pacific War, including the evacuation to Kainantu and his attempted flight to Thursday Island.

  • AU PMB MS 1233
  • Collection
  • 1936-1942

Fr John Glover was an Australian secular priest, trained at St. Patricks Seminary, Sydney. Fr Glover began learning to fly with Butler Air Transport Co while a Parish Priest at Cootamundra, NSW, in 1936. Fr Glover moved to New Guinea with the Divine Word Mission (SVD) n 1938 where he recommenced flying aircraft for the Mission in 1940. After the Japanese attacks on Lae, Wau and Bulolo, in January 1942, Fr Glover joined the New Guinea Volunteer Rifles. He helped to evacuate Europeans from the Markham Valley piloting a Spartan 2-seater and a Fox-Moth 4-seater re-built and maintained by Karl Nagy, who had been Guinea Airways’ chief engineer. He served in the Middle East as Chaplain 2nd/1st Btn 6th Division AIF. Returning to New Guinea after the War he was killed while crash landing a plane at the Catholic Mission at Mingende in 1948.

Memoir by Fr Glover of his flying experiences in New Guinea, mainly during the Pacific War, Ts., p/c, 27pp, annotated. Includes accounts of pre-War air operations in Lae and Wau and of ferrying European civilians from the coast to Kainantu and Mt Hagen to escape the Japanese occupation. Fr Glover also tells the story of his attempted flight with Karl Nagy in a Fox-Moth bi-plane over the Owen Stanley Ranges to Horn Island, off Cape York, to arrange evacuation of the refugees in the Highlands.
A note on the memoir explains that it was found in a clean-up at Mascot, NSW, by John Baker, a former employee of Butler Air Transport, who gave it to A.R.W. (Jim) Hoile, who passed it on to Adrian Leydon, Secretary of the New Guinea Volunteer Rifles-ANGAU Association.
This microfilm also includes Mr Leydon’s research file on Fr Glover consisting of correspondence with the SVD Mission at Mt Hagen and others, published articles and biographical documents, 1989-2003.

Glover, John Corbett (1909-1948)

“e” Ephemera: Short teacher training courses – the “E” courses at Malaguna, Madang and Port Moresby, parts 1 and 2.

  • AU PMB MS 1374
  • Collection
  • 1960-1972

This is a compliation of documents by Bernard W. Houston relating to the short teacher training courses, that he refers to as “E Courses” at Malaguna, Madang and Port Moresby between 1960 and 1972.
Immediately post World War Two, there was a great need for reconstructing villages in PNG and returning villages to their own way of life. In July 1945 education for people in Papua New Guinea was one of the “core” needs listed in the Commonwealth of Australia’s Provisional Administration Bill.

In the late 1950s, W.C. Grove, was the Director of the Territory of Papua New Guinea Education. There was a need for local students who would later become the teachers, clerks and skilled professionals in PNG in the future. Properly trained teachers were unavailable in PNG despite recruiting campaigns and the Territory did not have classroom staff to run the schools while new indigenous teachers were being trained.

The short teacher training course (similar to those used in Britain after the war) was proposed and later implemented as an “E” course or emergency crash teacher training course. The aim of the course was to recruit Australians, quickly train them to be primary teachers and then post them to primary schools throughout P.N.G.

In September 1960, applicants were recruited from Australia and moved to the Territory where the first “E” course began at Malaguna Technical Centre. This course included sixty trainees. On 1 April 1961, the first E course graduates were sent to postings in lowland and highland districts throughout P.N.G.
The E courses were concluded in December 1971.
Also titled: 6E ephemera : short teacher training courses : the E courses : at Malaguna, Madang and Port Moresby : the territory of Paua and New Guinea, 1960-1972

This compilation is in two parts. The first describes the courses, the second is a list of lecturers, trainees who graduated from the three training colleges at Malaguna, Madang and Port Moresby, and selected events.

Houston, Bernard W.


  • AU PMB DOC 425
  • Collection
  • 1976-1986

Published monthly in Port Vila by the Chamber of Commerce.

See reel list for further details

Bulletin of the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture / Bulletin of the Vanuatu Chamber of Commerce (Port Vila)

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