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Camohe: a history of four generations of the Carpenter family

  • AU PMB MS 1113
  • Collection
  • n.d.. (1980s)

W R Carpenter & Company Limited was registered in Sydney in 1914. The company was founded by Walter Randolf Carpenter. He was subsequently joined by his brothers, J A and W H Carpenter and, still later, by his two sons, R B and C H Carpenter. The company was initially involved in shipping and trading island produce in Papua, including copra, cocoa, trochus, beche-de-mer and green snail shell. After 1920 it became involved in copra plantations in the Mandated Territory of New Guinea and extended its interests to the Solomon islands, and the Gilbert and Ellice Islands. In 1938 it pioneered an air link between Sydney and Lae. After the War, in which Carpenters suffered heavy losses, the company was restructed as a holding company. In 1956, when R B Carpenter was Chairman of the Board of Directors, the Carpenter Group purchased the retail operations of Morris Hedstrom & Co in Fiji, Tonga and Samoa.

This is a poor quality photocopy of the original, Ts., 97pp., given to the Bureau by Pepita Carpenter. Ch.1, Pioneering the Pacific, pp.1-3; Ch.2, The Costa Rica Packet, pp.4-7; Ch.3, Treasure in Trochus, pp.8-9; Ch.4, A Small Beginning and a Stumble, pp.10-13; Ch.5, The Company Regained, pp.14-16; Ch.6, Between the Wars – an Era of Expansion, pp.17-21; Ch.7, The Creative Years – Shipping, pp.22-25; Ch.8, The Creative Years – Aviation, pp.26-31; Ch.9, The Creative Years – Merchandising, pp.31-38; Ch.10, The Creative Years – The Plantation Industries, pp.34-38; Ch.11, Sir Walter – Thoughts and Theories, pp.39-45; Ch.12, Stranded in Canada, pp.46-50; Ch.13, The Ravages of War, pp.50-53; Ch.14, Gains and Some Losses, pp.54-59; Ch.15, A New Chairman – Growth Continues, pp.60-65; Ch.16, The Tradition Maintained, pp.66-70; Ch.17, The Pattern Changes, pp.71-79; Ch.18, Some Turbulent Years, pp.80-84. Appendix 1, Profit and Dividend History, pp.85-86; Appendix 2, A Brief History of the Major Elements of the W R Carpenter Group in Australia…, pp.87-91; Appendix 3, Extracts from correspondence between J M Hedstrom and W R Carpenter, 1920-1922, following takeover of W R Carpenter & Co Ltd by Morris Hedstrom Ltd, pp.92-97.

Melrose, Ray

Papers re Samoa

  • AU PMB MS 584
  • Collection
  • 1906-1913

Please see PMB 581 for full entry.

Official and political papers re governorship of Samoa, 1906-13 (7 vols). One volume for 1908-09 concerns the Lauaki revolt.

Solf, Wilhelm Heinrich

Papers re Samoa

  • AU PMB MS 583
  • Collection
  • 1899 - 1906

Please see PMB 581 for full entry.

The documents comprise:

  1. Official and political papers and correspondence re presidency of the municipality of Apia, 1899
  2. Miscellaneous papers and press clippings, re presidency of the municipality of Apia, 1899
  3. -9. Official and political papers and press clippings re governorship of Samoa, 1900-1906 (7 vols). These include an unpublished paper by Dr Erich Schultze on 'The development of the political situation in Samoa'. Dr Schultze was Solf's successor as governor.

Solf, Wilhelm Heinrich

South Seas Commission afterwards South Pacific Commission conference papers and related records

  • AU PMB DOC 400
  • Collection
  • 1947 - 1987

The South Seas Commission Conference, held in Canberra Australia in 1947, established the South Pacific Commission. The first sessions of the South Pacific Commission were held in 1948. The first Research Council meeting was held in 1949 and the first South Pacific Conference in 1950. Between 1947 and 1987, 27 South Pacific Conferences, 13 Research Council, 36 Sessions and sundry progress, evaluation and administrative meetings were held, resulting in over 3400 documents. Printed and published versions of the summaries, i.e. proceedings, of these conferences, etc. have been widely distributed. PMB microfilmed the background documents originally restricted to government delegations. They cover a wide range of activities, and include both the SPC Secretariat's and Island governments' evaluations of projects. They also include papers on socio-economic conditions in Island countries, and proposed projects submitted by the Secretariat or by member governments, as well as examinations by member governments of the Secretariat's administrative and financial policies and infrastructure. A French version (PMB Doc 400F) exists but is defective and has not been distributed. Copies of the inventory to the French version are on file in the Bureau. For further descriptions of the English version see <I>Pambu</I> 3(1) 1988.

For microfilming each document and its attachments was assigned an individual serial number beginning with the first document. The individual serial number also appears on the index worksheet prepared for each document. Each volume (= set of documents for a particular meeting) was filed, in order of date, with the other volumes for a particular year i.e. documents 0001-0010 for 1947, 0011-0073 for 1948 etc. A detailed contents list (year: document numbers: corresponding volume title: reel no.) appears in the preliminaries of Reel 1. The following contents list shows: the reel number: years covered: first and last document number: abbreviated title:<BR>R 1: 1947-48, Docs 0001-0266, South Seas Commission: SPCommission Sessions (1-4): Working Committees Res. Council (1)<BR>R 2: 1949-50, Docs 0267-0272, Prog. Reports<BR>R 3: 1950, Docs 0275-0513, SPC (1): Sess (5): Res. Cnc. (3)<BR>R 4: 1951-52, Docs 0514-0676, Sess (7-10): Res. Cnc. (3-4)<BR>R 5: 1953-56, Docs 0677 - 1150, SPC (2-3): Sess (11-16): Res. Cnc. (6-7)<BR>R 6: 1957-58, Docs 1152-1420, Review: Res. Cnc.. (8-9): Sess (17-18)<BR>R 7: 1959-60, Docs 1421-1647, SPC (4): Sess (19-21): Res. Cnc. (10-11)<BR>R 8: 1961-62, Docs 1648-1801, Res. Cnc. (12): Sess (22-24): SPC (5)<BR>R 9: 1963-65, Docs 1802-1946, Res. Cnc. (13): Sess (25-28): SPC (6)<BR>R 10: 1966-69, Docs 1947-2057, Sess (29-31): SPC (7-9)<BR>R 11: 1969-72, Docs 2058-2206, Sess (33-35): SPC (10-12)<BR>R 12: 1972-74, Docs 2207-2435, Sess (35-36): SPC (13-14): Plan. Cmt. (4)<BR>R 13: 1975, Docs 2436-2503, Plan. Cmt. (5): Cmt. Rep.: SPC (15)<BR>R 14: 1976-77, Docs 2504-2668, Rev. Cmt.: P&E (6-7): Cmt. Rep.: SPC (17)<BR>R 15: 1978-79, Docs 2669-2817, P&E (8-9): Cmt. Rep.: SPC (18-19)<BR>R 16: 1980-81, Docs 2818-2904, Cmt. Rep.: P&E (10-11): SPC (20)<BR>R 17: 1981, Docs 2905-2977, P&E (11): Cmt. Rep.: SPC (21)<BR>R 18: 1982-84, Docs 2978-3174, Cmt. Rep.: P&E (12): SPC (22-23): S.G. Rev.: CRGA (1)<BR>R 19: 1984-86, Docs 3175-3343, CRGA (2-6): SPC (24-26)<BR>R 20: 1987, Docs 3344-3404, CRGA (7-8): SPC (?

South Seas Commission Afterwards South Pacific Commission Conference Papers and Related Records

Margaret Tedder and James Tedder, Gardening: an album of photographs of subsistence gardening in eastern and central Solomon Islands

  • Collection
  • 1955-1974

The series of photographs contained in this album covers an aspect of the life of the Tedder family in the British Solomon Islands Protectorate (BSIP) between 1955 – 1974. James L.O. Tedder held various positions in the colonial administration. His family lived and travelled extensively throughout the Protectorate. His spouse, Margaret Tedder, had a firm interest in botany and this particular album is her documentation of Islanders’ horticultural practices of certain root crops, especially yams. In this photographic collection, Margaret documented the cultivation methods, garden layout, harvesting practices and storage of yams in various locations on Makira, Guadalcanal, Malaita and Santa Cruz. Margaret also captured different yam varieties and a ceremonial display at Makaruka on the Weather Coast of Guadalcanal. Besides the focus on yams in this album, there are some images of other crops such as taro, cassava and sweet potato. In its own right, this album is an ethnography of Islanders' cultivation practices of the mid-1950’s to the early 1970’s.

Tedder, James L.O.

Papua New Guinea: Memories and recorded events, 1971-1973

  • AU PMB MS 1398
  • Collection
  • 1971 - 1973

"Papua New Guinea: Memories and recorded events, 1971-1973" was written by Ms.Clingan to document her memories of her time in Papua New Guinea from 1971-1973. It covers all aspects of her life in the Western Highlands in PNG, including the mission station, her work as a nurse, the hospital, clinic visits, daily living, food and cooking, the weather, census and health surveys, Christmas, visits to other nearby missions and reflections. The manuscript also includes annotated photographs, paintings and drawings by Clingan as well as maps of the area.

Clingan, Jill

Selected archives

  • AU PMB MS 1390
  • Collection
  • 1848-1974

In 1854, at the recommendation of Bishop George Augustus Selwyn, Melanesia was created as a separate "See" which Bishop Selwyn toured in 1857 in the mission ship Southern Cross, visiting sixty-six of the islands. John Coleridge Patteson was consecrated Bishop of Melanesia in 1861. Patteson and several of his companions were killed on 20 September 1871 on the island of Nakapu, in the Santa Cruz group, after slave-raiders had visited the area. In 1867, the Mission college at Mission Bay, Auckland, moved to Norfolk Island. In 1919 it moved to Siota, Gela Island, and in 1970 to Guadalcanal where in became known as Bishop Patteson Theological Centre (later college), Kohimarama. The first Melanesian to be an ordained priest was George Sarawia from Mota Island, New Hebrides (Vanuatu) in 1873. Charles Elliot Fox joined the staff of the Anglican Melanesian Mission in 1903. During more than seventy years of service as a missionary and teacher, Fox lived and worked in most of the islands of the Solomon chain, on the Banks, and in the New Hebrides. Ini Kopuria formed the Melanesian Brotherhood in 1925. The first two Melanesian bishops were Dudley Tuti from Ysabel and Leonard Alufurai from Malaita. They were consecrated in Honiara in 1963. The Church of Melanesia was inaugurated in 1975.

Documents in the pre-1975 archives of the Church of Melanesia were deposited on 2-4 Feb 1981 and are now held in the National Archives of the Solomon Islands.

The documents copied include:
-news cuttings of Bishop Walter Badley (1926-1953),
-ephemera (Bishop Chisholm (1967-1972),
-Charles Fox Lord of the Southern Isles),
-Melanesian Mission, Sydney correspondence with Miss H.R. Blake,
-Melanesian Mission miscellaneous correspondence (1860-1940),
-Maps of Melanesia, 1947,
-Melanesian Mission General Secretary’s correspondence ‘English Correspondence’ (1921-1931),
-Melanesian Mission Trust Board (N.Z.) correspondence (1928-1963),
-Honiara Cathedral correspondence (1961-1970),
-Australian Board of Mission correspondence (1931-1974),
-New Zealand Anglican Board of Mission correspondence (1926-1928, 1950-1965),
-New Hebrides correspondence (1955-1970),
-Registers of the Church of St Barnabas, Alanguala, Ugi (1948-1954).
-Church of Melanesia Synod Minutes (1953-1965),
-O Raverare Gagang Melanesian Mission Church calendar in the Mota language (1939-1957),
-O Sala Usuri (issues missing from PMB Doc 215),
-Legal papers (1880’s-1960’s),
-George Hammond Tarr Ten thousand miles away with the Southern Cross (1921-1936).

See Finding aids for details.

See also PMB 549, 550, 554-560, 1301, 1331, 1332, 1333, 1334, 1344 and 1359.

Church of Melanesia (Anglican Church in the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Norfolk Island, New Zealand and Australia)

Solomon Star (Honiara)

  • AU PMB DOC 429
  • Collection
  • 1982-1987

The Solomon Star was originally published as a regular Government Information Service newsheet. In 1975 it was turned in to a weekly newspaper called The Solomons News Drum. In mid-1982 it was taken over by five Solomon Islanders and renamed the Solomon Star, and has run as a private newspaper ever since.

<b>Reel 1 </b>
Nos.1-11, 28 May-6 Aug 1982
Nos.13-31, 20 Aug-23 Dec 1982
Nos.32-82, 7 Jan 1983-23 Dec 1983
<b>Reel 2</b>
Nos.83-133, 6 Jan 1984-21 Dec 1984
Nos.134-152, 11 Jan 1985-17 May 1985
<b>Reel 3</b>
Nos.153-183, 24 May 1985-20 Dec 1985
Nos.184-207, 10 Jan 1986-20 Jun 1986
<b>Reel 4</b>
Nos.208-233, 27 Jun 1986-19 Dec 1986
Nos.234-256, 9 Jan 1987-11 Jun 1987

Solomon Star (Honiara)


  • AU PMB MS 53
  • Collection
  • 1883 - 1933
  1. Journal of the Roman Catholic Mission at Port Sandwich, Malekula, 1889-1899 by Father J.N. Pionnier, S.M.
  2. Journal of the Roman Catholic Mission at Pentecost, 1898-1904, by the Rev. Father J.B. Jamond, S.M. and related papers.
  3. Journal of the Roman Catholic Mission at Wanur, SW Pentecost, 1906-1912 by Father Laurent Durand-Vaugaron, S.M.
  4. Account of the missions at Baie Barrier and Wanur, Pentecost, 1910-1927 by Father Elie Tattevin, S.M. (1883-1949).
  5. Account of a voyage from Marseilles to New Caledonia and Journal of Roman Catholic Mission at Malekula, 1883-1891, by Father F.X. Gaudet, S.M.
  6. An account of the Islands of Wala and Rano, Malekula, by Father Casimir Salomon, S.M. c.1906-1908.
  7. Myths and Legends of the New Hebrides by Father J.B. Suas, S.M.
  8. Inventory of the Population at Craig Cove, Ambrym, in February, 1907, by Father Casimir Bancarel, S.M.
  9. Account of a visit to Epi in 1933 by Father Edouard Loubiere, S.M. (1876-196?).
  10. Conditions in the New Hebrides, 1931-32, Replies by Monsignor Victor Doucere, S.M., Apostolic Vicar to the New Hebrides, to questions posed by the French Resident Commissioner.
  11. The Mission at Olal, Ambrym, and Sorcery (Hableou) at North Ambrym by Father J.B. Jamond, S.M., with comments by Father Casimir Bancarel, S.M.

Roman Catholic Mission, New Hebrides

Letters, ethnographic material, articles

  • AU PMB MS 184
  • Collection
  • 1836 - 1918

These papers comprise part of the records of the Vicariate of Samoa which are designated Oceania Navigatores (ON) in the Marist Archives. The documents comprise:

  1. Letters from the Soeurs T.O.R.M. (Sisters of the Third Order Regular of Mary) to the Administration General of the Society of Mary. (APM III ONC, Dossier classified as 'ONC 498 T.O.R.M. Epistolae ad Adm. Gen.', 1914-1918. Continued from PMB 183.)
  2. Letters in Samoan, 1860-83 (from Samoa)
  3. Ethnographical material in French and English, undated
  4. O le Bulla Ineffabilis no liliu i le upu Samoa, 1869
  5. Letters in French and Samoan, 1861-91
  6. A letter concerning Samoa, 1910 (Gubernatores, ON 181)
  7. Laici Individualiter (ON 198)
  8. An article, 'Samoa et Tonga' from Bibliotheque Illustree des Voyages Autour du Monde, 1898(?)
  9. Newspaper clippings on Samoa, 1918
  10. 'Une Nuit Macabre en Oceanie', by P. Goupillard, undated
  11. Lists of letters written from Samoa, 1836-66
  12. Letters from Samoa, 1845-65

Roman Catholic Church - Samoa

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