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  • AU PMB MS 998
  • Colección
  • 1962 - 1971

The Pacific Islands Monthly, a publication of Pacific Publications Pty Ltd, Sydney, first appeared in August 1930. Stuart Inder was co-editor from November 1957 to November 1964 and sole editor from then until October 1975, and again from October 1979 to April 1980. He was also the magazine's publisher from February 1972 until August 1980.

Inwards and outwards correspondence, mainly to and from the editor of the Pacific Islands Monthly, Stuart Inder. The correspondence is arranged alphabetically and appears on the microfilm as follows:<BR>Reel 1: A to Bentley<BR>Reel 2: Beresford to Carter<BR>Reel 3: Carter to Craib<BR>Reel 4: Craib to E<BR>Reel 5: F<BR>Reel 6: G<BR>Reel 7: H to Hoare<BR>Reel 7A: Hoare to Jones<BR>Reel 8: Jones to Lipton<BR>Reel 9: Lipton to McSwain<BR>Reel 10: Macassen to New Guinea Women's Club<BR>Reel 11: New Guinea Women's Club to Pont<BR>Reel 12: Pont to Rhoades<BR>Reel 13: Ri to Sexton<BR>Reel 14: Schackleton to Sy<BR>Reel 15: T to Vellacott Jones<BR>Reel 16: Vellacot Jones to Whonsbon-Aston<BR>Reel 17: Wight to Z

Pacific Islands Monthly

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