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Letters, valedictions, publications, speeches, etc.

  • AU PMB MS 581
  • Coleção
  • 1885 - 1935

Solf (1862-1936) became president of the municipality of Apia, Western Samoa, in 1899, after serving as a district judge in German East Africa. In 1900 he became governor of Western Samoa when that country became a German colony. He remained in that post until 1911 when he became Secretary for the colonies in the German government. After World War I, he served as German ambassador in Japan. The Solf papers have been filmed on reels PMB 581 - 589.

The papers comprise:

  1. letters to family (3 volumes), 1885-1935
  2. personal honours, 1927-34
  3. congratulations on 70th birthday, 1932
  4. publications, speeches, etc. 1886-1932 (Continued on PMB 582)

Solf, Wilhelm Heinrich


  • AU PMB MS 585
  • Coleção
  • 1928 - 1932

Please see PMB 581 for full entry.

Documents relating to his ambassadorship in Japan, 1928, and papers written in retirement, 1929-32. The latter include 'Refutation' of Count Bulow's memoirs, a proposal to appoint Solf German Foreign Minister, Solf's mission re minorities in Hungary and German committee on Palestine. (Bulow was Foreign Minister of Germany in 1899 when the acquisition of Western Samoa was negotiated as a German colony).

Solf, Wilhelm Heinrich

British New Guinea Annual Reports

  • AU PMB DOC 312
  • Coleção
  • 1886 - 30 June 1906

Some reports on the microfilm are as published in the Votes and Proceedings of the Queensland Parliament: others are as published in the Colonial Reports of the British Government. From 1 July 1900, they are from the Votes and Proceedings of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Colonial Reports were published without the maps which may accompany identical reports in the Queensland Parliamentary Papers.

A list indicating the provenance of each report appears at the beginning of Reel 1. Reel 1: reports up to Appendix 12 of 1901. Reel 2: the remainder.

British New Guinea Annual Reports

Fiji Executive Council minutes of sitting for the hearing of claims to land

  • AU PMB DOC 206
  • Coleção
  • 1879-1880

A printed, but unpublished, document in five parts:

  1. Index to the whole
  2. Minutes of the Executive Council sitting for the rehearing of claims to land
  3. Appendix A: Petitions for rehearing (with preceding index)
  4. Appendix B: Reports to the Government, minutes etc.
  5. Appendix C: Minutes of evidence, etc.

Fiji Executive Council

Pacific Islands Company Ltd: Pacific Phosphate Company Ltd Miscellaneous printed papers

  • AU PMB DOC 99
  • Coleção
  • 1898-1920

The papers relating to the Pacific Islands Company Ltd are:

  1. Prospectus, c.1898
  2. Report from 'The Times', 20 April 1899
  3. 'Short notes on the Islands referred to in the Prospectus', c.1899
  4. Prospectus, 3 June 1899
  5. Notes on Baker (Guano) Island, n.d.
  6. Notes on North-West and Tryon Islands, c.1898
  7. 'We have this day sold to ...', c.1898
  8. Issue of 9,850.00 first mortgage debentures
  9. Report of Directors, 21 December 1900
  10. Issue of 60,000.00 first mortgage debenture stock, 1902
  11. 'Phosphate Deposits of Ocean and Pleasant Islands', by F. Danvers Powers

The papers relating to the Pacific Phosphate Company Ltd are:

  1. Issue of 100,000 six per cent cumulative second preference shares at par, 6 March 1914
  2. Correspondence respecting Military Operations against German possessions in the Western Pacific, 1915
  3. Sale of Shares, 26 July 1917
  4. Notice of extraordinary general meeting, 8 July 1919
  5. Report on annual general meeting, from 'The Times', 21 July 1919
  6. Report of extraordinary general meeting, from 'The Times', 16 July 1920
  7. 'A British Phosphate Enterprise', article by Thos. J. McMahon, in 'The World's Work', June 1919
  8. Three clippings from 'The Times' - 28 May 1920, 17 June 1920, and undated.

Pacific Islands Company Ltd: Pacific Phosphate Company Ltd


  • AU PMB MS 1360
  • Coleção
  • 1975-2009

The Solomon Islands YWCA was established in 1975 and became operational in 1978. It is one of the oldest indigenous controlled non-government organisations in the Solomon Islands. The Solomon Islands YWCA is affiliated with the World YWCA. The purpose of the Solomon Islands YWCA is to develop the leadership and collective power of young women and girls around the Solomon Islands to achieve justice, peace, health, human dignity, freedom and sustainable environment for all people. The Solomon Islands YWCA has provided a wide range of services and programs for Solomon Islands women including the YWCA hostel, the YWCA kindy and programs for young people.
The Solomon Islands YWCA currently has a national office in Honiara and a branch in Munda, Western Province.
The Solomon Islands YWCA archive includes correspondence, the Constitution, Board and Executive meeting agendas, papers and minutes, funding and grant applications and reports, financial statements, reports and addresses by the President, annual reports and press releases.

Reel 1: 1975-1984
Reel 2: 1985-1986
Reel 3: 1987-1996
Reel 4: 1997-2009
See Finding aids for details.

Solomon Islands Ywca

Tongan papers

  • AU PMB MS 1203
  • Coleção
  • 1849-1950

The Reverend Shirley Waldemar Baker (1836-1903) was an English Wesleyan missionary who arrived in Tonga from Australia in 1860. During his stay of more than 30 years, Baker became a close adviser to King Tupou I and, like the King, an active promoter of Tonga’s independence in the face of European colonial expansion in the south Pacific. Baker’s many disputes with other Europeans in Tonga, most notably with his fellow missionary James Moulton, and especially with the British government officials in Fiji and elsewhere, generated a degree of controversy unique among 19th-century missionaries working in the Pacific. His metamorphosis into a politician culminated in his appointment as Premier of Tonga. (John Spurway, ‘Baker Papers’, Journal of Pacific History, 38:2, 2003.)

These papers of Rev. Shirley and Beatrice Baker were bequeathed to the Mitchell Library by Dorothy Crozier along with her own research papers. They were transferred from the Mitchell Library to the Pacific Manuscripts Bureau in August 2001. Lillian Baker, a daughter of Shirley Baker who lived in Ha’apai, gave the papers to Dorothy Crozier in 1950 when Ms Crozier was researching culture change in Tonga under the supervision of Professor Raymond Firth. The papers are made up of the following documents:

Reel 1: SB/1-5 Correspondence-out: press-copies, 1873-80; SB/6-106, Correspondence-in, 1849, 1860-87.

Reel 2: SB/107-187, Correspondence-in, cont., 1887-1913, 1950; SB/188-214/2, Articles, reports, diaries, notes, texts and other documents, c.1879-1906.

Reel 3: SB/214/3-226, articles, etc., cont.; SB/228-232, Vocabulary, Words and Meanings, n.d.; SB/233-235, Genealogies, n.d.; SB/236-247, Mission and Church Related Papers, 1874-1890; SB/248-255, Documents relating to Government and Kingdom of Tonga, 1879-1900; SB/266 & 273, Tongan Government Publications.

Reel 4: SB/274-297, Tonga Govt. publications, cont.; SB/298-307, 309-310, 312-314, Other printed material relating to Tonga, 1863-1951; SB/318-329, Tonga: An Historical Collection from Voyages and Discoveries with Explanatory Remarks, by Beatrice Baker; SB/339, Memoirs of the Rev. Shirley Waldemar Baker, by Beatrice Baker, 1922-51; SB/340-348, Extracts: transcripts of various documents, 1876-85.

Reel 5: SB/349-370 Press Cuttings, 1879-1911; SB/371-379 Miscellaneous Papers, 1860-1932; SB/380-383 Photographs, n.d.

See Finding aids for details.</b> See also PMB Doc 463 for Tongan Government publications at SB/256-266.

Baker, Shirley Waldemar

Official and political papers, lectures, essays, publications, correspondence

  • AU PMB MS 582
  • Coleção
  • 1899 - 1934

Please see PMB 581 for full entry.

The documents comprise:

  1. publications, speeches, etc. 1915-32 (Continued from reel PMB 581)
  2. letters, 1908, re his publication 'Eingeborene und Ansiedler auf Samoa'
  3. publications re war treaties, 1916-18 (3 vols)
  4. correspondence with publishers re publications and memoirs, 1918-34
  5. press reviews, 1919-20, re his publication 'Kolonialpolitik' (short title)
  6. lectures and essays on Japanese problems, 1923-33
  7. press opinions on Solf's lectures and publications, 1926-33
  8. official and political papers re the German Consulate-General in Calcutta (his first post)
  9. official and political papers re East Africa, 1897-99
  10. official and political papers re Apia municipality, 1899.

Solf, Wilhelm Heinrich

Mintues of Meetings

  • AU PMB MS 643
  • Coleção
  • 1959 - 1965

The Minutes are as follows:<BR>1. Goroka Town Advisory Council, 1959-1965<BR>2. Kundiawa Town Advisory Council, 1964<BR>3. Lae Town Advisory Council, 1961-1962<BR>4. Rabaul Town Advisory Council, 1962-1963

Papua New Guinea - Town Advisory Councils

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