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Miscellaneous papers - letters, notebooks, articles

  • AU PMB MS 23
  • Coleção
  • 1878 - 1929

James Lyle Young (1849-1929) was born in Londonderry, Ireland, and went to Australia with his parents in the mid-1850's. After working in Australia as a station hand, Young, in 1870, went to Fiji where he was associated with a cotton-planting venture at Taveuni. In 1875, he left Fiji on a trading voyage to Samoa, and from May, 1876, to October, 1881, he worked as a trader in the Marshall, Mariana and Caroline Islands. In 1882, Young went to Tahiti to become manager of the Papeete trading store of Andrew Crawford & Co., of San Francisco. In 1888, he went into business in Tahiti on his own account. He was closely associated with the Pacific Islands for the rest of his life, as managing director of S.R. Maxwell & Co., of Tahiti, and owner of Henderson and Macfarlane Ltd., of Auckland. He became recognised as an authority on the life and culture of the region.

Letters, notebooks, memoranda, articles, etc. dealing with Young's career and interests from 1878 to the year of his death. Includes a letter to the Sydney Morning Herald on 'The Trouble in Samoa' (31/3/1899), a paper on German expansion in the Pacific (1908), correspondence on the Pitcairn Islanders between Young and the British Consulate in Tahiti (1911-13) and an account by Young of his family's history and his own career (1919, c.1924). Some letters written in Micronesia as well as materials from French Polynesia. A full list of other items in the Bureau's newsletter Pambu, Dec. 1968:5, p.12 and Jan. 1969:6, pp.10-11. See also PMB 21 and 22.
See Finding aids for details.

Young, James Lyle

British New Guinea Annual Reports

  • AU PMB DOC 312
  • Coleção
  • 1886 - 30 June 1906

Some reports on the microfilm are as published in the Votes and Proceedings of the Queensland Parliament: others are as published in the Colonial Reports of the British Government. From 1 July 1900, they are from the Votes and Proceedings of the Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia. The Colonial Reports were published without the maps which may accompany identical reports in the Queensland Parliamentary Papers.

A list indicating the provenance of each report appears at the beginning of Reel 1. Reel 1: reports up to Appendix 12 of 1901. Reel 2: the remainder.

British New Guinea Annual Reports

Diary and photographs of Eleanor J. Walker

  • AU PMB MS 98
  • Coleção
  • 1881-1893

Eleanor J. Walker was a member of the Methodist mission at Dobu in the D'Entrecasteaux Islands of Papua (then called British New Guinea). The mission was established in June 1891. For details, see <I>George Brown, D.D., Pioneer Missionary and Explorer : An Autobiography</I>, London, 1908, pp485-92.

The diary describes how the diarist came to join the mission and gives an account of her life at Dobu.

Walker, Eleanor J.

Records of the Societe des Etudes Oceaniennes, Papeete, Tahiti

  • AU PMB MS 71
  • Coleção
  • 1822 - 1963
  • Documents concerning Ernest Darling, the Nature Man, 1913-18. (See also the Bureau's newsletter 'Pambu' 1969:14, pp. 1-9)
  • A document concerning the establishment of the French protectorate over Rurutu, Rimatara and dependencies, March 27, 1889.
  • Miscellaneous manuscripts of Xavier Caillet (1822-1901).
  • Miscellaneous documents relating to the reign of Queen Pomare IV.
  • Autobigraphy (in Tahitian) of Teriieroo a Teriierooiterai (1875-1952), a notable Tahitian chief and orator.
  • Newspaper clippings concerning an old cannon found in the pass of Papeete in 1963.

Societe des Etudes Oceaniennes

Lynette Walker Photographs of Vanuatu

  • PHOTO 119
  • Coleção
  • 1988-1998

Deaconess Lynette Grace Walker served as an educational missionary in the New Hebrides (now Vanuatu) for the Australian Presbyterian Board of Missions. Between 1958-1965, Walker was based in South West Bay, Malekula where she worked as a teacher at the South West Bay District School. From 1971, Walker served as Deaconess for Central Islands (Efate and adjacent islands). Based in Vila, she worked with women, young people and Sunday school teachers. Between 1975-1977, she took on the post of Deaconess for Southern Islands. Walker returned to live in Melbourne in April, 1977 but has continued to visit Vanuatu over the years.

This collection of 389 digitised colour 35mm slides is a selection of images from three return visits in 1988, 1995 and 1998. 1995 marked the centenary anniversary of the arrival of Robert Boyd, the first missionary to South West Bay. 1998 marked the Golden Jubilee or 50th anniversary of the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu (PVC). This collection features images of Port Vila, Iririki Island, Onesua (Efate), Talua (Espiritu Santo), South West Bay, Lawa, Lorlow, Wintua (Malekula) and Lenakel (Tanna). The photos feature former missionaries and church office bearers, Presbyterian Women’s Missionary Union (PWMU) activities, historical plaques and the Dayspring IV canoe.

Walker, Lynette Grace


  • AU PMB MS 56
  • Coleção
  • 1899 - 1913

Letters associated with the Roman Catholic Mission New Hebrides (Vanuatu):

  1. Letters of Father Casimir Bancarel, S.M. from Talomako (Espiritu Santo) 1901-1905 and 1916, and from Craig Cove and Sesivi (Ambrym) 1906-1913.
  2. Letters of Father Pierre Bochu, S.M. from Talomako and Port Olry (Espiritu Santo), 1901-1910.
  3. Letters of Father Francois Le Fur, S.M. from Wanour (Pentecost), 1899-1906.
  4. Letters of Father Ch. Faure, S.M. from Aoba (Ambae) and Mele (Efate), 1901-1903.
  5. Letters of Father Jean Andre Vidil, S.M. from Vao, Malekula, 1894-1897.
  6. Letters of Father Gerome Guitta, S.M. from Wala (Malekula), and Port Olry, 1893-1895.
  7. Letters of Father Theophile Busson from Wala and Vao (Malekula) 1897-1898.
    Note: Most of the letters on this microfilm are addressed to Monsignor Victor Doucere, S.M., Apostolic Vicar of the New Hebrides.

Roman Catholic Mission, New Hebrides

Records, accounts, notes, correspondence

  • AU PMB MS 55
  • Coleção
  • 1908 - 1969

Kalsakau became chief of Fila Island in 1908 and held that position for many years. He was a member of one of the most notable New Hebridean families of Efate. His three sons, Graham, John and Makau are (1969) also outstanding members of the New Hebridean community.

  1. Lists of important dates and events in Kalsakau's career and family life.
  2. Record of births and deaths (1908-1961)
  3. Accounts relating to business, household and the marriage feast of his son Makau (March 1, 1945)
  4. Record (September 1956) of visit by Gen. and Mme de Gaulle
  5. Centenary Celebrations, Erakor, 1st May, 1945 - an account of the settlement of Erakor by the early missionaries.
  6. School fees collected in 1943 - list of families and amount paid.
  7. Lease of land owned by Kalsakau.
  8. Celebration of the 105th Anniversary of the New Hebrides Presbyterian Mission, May 1, 1950.
  9. Correspondence regarding residency of Fila Island Reserve.
  10. Discipline book (1911-1943) in which fines and other punishments against members of Kalsakau's village are recorded.



  • AU PMB MS 53
  • Coleção
  • 1883 - 1933

Papers from 1883-1933, relating to the Roman Catholic Mission to New Hebrides (Vanuatu). Items are as follows:

  1. Journal of the Roman Catholic Mission at Port Sandwich, Malekula, 1889-1899 by Father J.N. Pionnier, S.M.
  2. Journal of the Roman Catholic Mission at Pentecost, 1898-1904, by the Rev. Father J.B. Jamond, S.M. and related papers.
  3. Journal of the Roman Catholic Mission at Wanur, SW Pentecost, 1906-1912 by Father Laurent Durand-Vaugaron, S.M.
  4. Account of the missions at Baie Barrier and Wanur, Pentecost, 1910-1927 by Father Elie Tattevin, S.M. (1883-1949).
  5. Account of a voyage from Marseilles to New Caledonia and Journal of Roman Catholic Mission at Malekula, 1883-1891, by Father F.X. Gaudet, S.M.
  6. An account of the Islands of Wala and Rano, Malekula, by Father Casimir Salomon, S.M. c.1906-1908.
  7. Myths and Legends of the New Hebrides by Father J.B. Suas, S.M.
  8. Inventory of the Population at Craig Cove, Ambrym, in February, 1907, by Father Casimir Bancarel, S.M.
  9. Account of a visit to Epi in 1933 by Father Edouard Loubiere, S.M. (1876-196?).
  10. Conditions in the New Hebrides, 1931-32, Replies by Monsignor Victor Doucere, S.M., Apostolic Vicar to the New Hebrides, to questions posed by the French Resident Commissioner.
  11. The Mission at Olal, Ambrym, and Sorcery (Hableou) at North Ambrym by Father J.B. Jamond, S.M., with comments by Father Casimir Bancarel, S.M.

Roman Catholic Mission, New Hebrides

Le Moniteur de la Nouvelle Caledonie Noumea: Imprimerie du Gouvernement. 1-1394, Oct 1859-June 1886

  • AU PMB DOC 11
  • Coleção
  • 2 Oct 1859-26 Jun 1864

The Moniteur, New Caledonia's first newspaper, was an official weekly. The first 119 issues consisted of two printed pages containing Government decrees and decisions, court judgements, statistics, news of official ceremonies, shipping movements and some general news. From the beginning of 1862, the size of the paper was doubled and was divided into official and non-official sections. The non-official section was open to contributions from readers so long as they did not transgress the limits of an official journal. There was a further liberalisation of the paper's policy six months later. For detailed description see P. O'Reilly Bibliographie ... de la Nouvelle Caledonie (Paris, 1955)

Nos. 1-248, 2 Oct 1859 - 26 June 1864

Le Moniteur de la Nouvelle Caledonie

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