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Account book and diary

  • AU PMB MS 427
  • Collection
  • 1881 - 1921

This document is written in pencil in a minute hand in a book whose pages measure 7 x 4 1/2

The document records trading activities on Norfolk Island from 1881 to 1902 and in the Solomon Islands from 1905 to 1921

Buffett Charles H.

Accounts, manuscripts, correspondence, reports, miscellaneous Letters

  • AU PMB MS 180
  • Collection
  • 1857 - 1920

Please see PMB 161

Papers from cabinet APM III ONC comprising:<BR> Accounts, 1907-19<BR> Lettres Etrangeres - some letters of 'Labord' and 'Ballande'<BR> An ms labelled 'Etude sur la Nouvelle-Caledonie et Dependances, par A. Gradon, 1888'<BR> Correspondence with the Society for the Propagation of the Faith, 1871, 1905<BR> Financial and other reports of the Mission, 1875-1920<BR> Unsorted letters, 1857-1900<BR> Ms 'Directoire pour les Missionaires du Vicariat de la Nouvelle-Caledonie, 1870<BR> Reports, 1862-74

Roman Catholic Church - New Caledonia

Additional volcanological records

  • AU PMB MS 1327
  • Collection
  • 1953-2008

See PMB 1294 Information Sheet for notes on RVO administrative history.
The Rabaul Volcanological Observatory Observatory is responsible for monitoring the activity of the 14 active and 23 dormant volcanoes spread along three volcanic arcs throughout Papua New Guinea and which have produced more than 140 eruptions in the last 200 years. Monitoring is carried out at RVO, 6 "outstation" observatories (Manam, Karkar, Langila, Ulawun, Esa'ala, and Lamington volcanoes) and an unmanned telemetered station (Lamington).
In addition to volcano monitoring, the functions of the Rabaul Volcano Observatory include: geologic reconnaissance and tephrastratigraphic studies (e.g. at Rabaul, Loloru, Hargy and Witori), volcanic hazard assessments (e.g. Rabaul, Manam, Karkar, Langila, Ulawun, Balbi, Bagana, Loloru, Lamington, Victory), assistance in the preparation and revision of volcano emergency plans (e.g. Rabaul, Manam, Ulawun), and applied research on the pattern of activity of the monitored volcanoes with a view to the detection of eruption precursors and provision of warnings.
From World Organisation of Volcanic Obsrvatories website:

Reels 1-2 Box files from RVO Library, including inspection reports: records of Tony Taylor, Long Island 1953-74, Langila 1965, 1970-75, Langila data 1973, Karkar 1974-1979, Bangana 1967-1975, other PNG volcanoes;
Reels 2-3 Information files compiled by Patrice de Saint Ours: RVO History, RVO Contingency Planning 1985-1991, Earthquake 1939-1973, Manam I-III 1958-1997, Langila 1974-1988, Karkar 1981-1983, Lamington 1973-1986, Rabaul and history of events, 1974-1992, Rabaul 1994 Eruption.
Reel 4 RVO Annual Reports 1960-1967, 1969, 1987; loose volcanological reports, 1953-2008;
Reel 5 Additional box files from RVO Library: Manam 1974 Data; Ulawun 1970-1978; Bagana 1959-1976. Correspondence of J.H. Latter, mainly with G.A. Taylor, 1963-1965. Further loose volcanological reports.
See also PMB 1294-1296.
See Finding aids for details.

Rabaul Volcanological Observatory

Administrative archives

  • AU PMB MS 1080
  • Collection
  • 1833-1969

The Apostolic Prefecture of Southern Oceania was established on 10 January 1830 and the Apostolic Vicariate of Eastern Oceania was formed on 2 June 1833. The Tahiti Mission was entrusted to the Congregation SS.CC. by decree of 20 May 1833. On 9 May 1848 the latter was divided into the Apostolic Vicariate of the Marquesas Islands, comprising only the Marquesas Archipelago, and the Apostolic Vicariate of the Tahitian Islands, consisting of Easter Island, the Friendly Islands, the Gambier, Tuamotu and Austral archipelagos, and the Cook Islands. By a decree dated February 1889, but ineffective until 1921, Easter Island was transferred to the Chilean Vicariate Apostolic of Villarica. On 27 November 1922 a separate Prefecture was established for the Cook Islands. The Archdiocese of Papeete was formed on 21 June 1966.

Administrative records of the Archdiocese and its predecessor organisations as arranged by Father Amerigo Cools and described in his Repertoire des archives de l'archidiocese de Papeete, 1970 (excluding the catalogued manuscripts, which are microfilmed at PMB 1082, and most of the maps and legal documents). The archives are arranged under the following categories:<BR> A.Autorites superieures<BR> B. Archidiocese de Papeete<BR> C/D. Personnel missionnaires <BR> E. Enseignement <BR> H/K.Rapports <BR> L. Administration temporel <BR> N. Aide <BR> P. Geographie, histoire, &c <BR> Z. Histoire de la Mission<P><B>See reel list for further details</B>

Catholic Archdiocese of Papeete

Administrative papers and essay competition.

  • AU PMB MS 1396
  • Collection
  • 1966-1985

The Te Rangi Hiroa Fund was established in 1968 during the first Waigani seminar. The Fund was named after Sir Peter Buck, the distinguished Maori ethno-historian, and was administered by Secretary of the Fund Rev. Dr Sione Latukefu, of the University of Papua New Guinea History Department.

                                    The Te Rangi Hiroa Essay Competition was an annual prize for:

(a) best essay on any aspect of Pacific history by an undergraduate student in any university in the South Pacific Islands;
(b) best essay on any aspect of Pacific history by an undergraduate student in any university outside the Pacific Islands.

The Paul Morawetz Award was a small scholarship available to assist Pacific Islanders with outstanding aptitude for historical work to pursue post-graduate studies in Pacific history.

Correspondence relating to the administration of the fund, submission of essays and awarding of prizes; submitted competition essays; applications for the Paul Morawetz Award.

See Finding aids for details.

Te Rangi Hiroa Fund for the Study of Pacific History.

Administrative records

  • AU PMB MS 1278
  • Collection
  • 1851-1973

These documents originallyformed part of the archives of the Samoan District Committee and later Samoan District Council of the London Missionary Society, and were formerly held at Malua, Western Samoa. The Samoan District Committee was replaced by the Council in 1928.

CONTENTS Records of the LMS, Samoan District, held at the Australian National University, but not previously microfilmed by the PMB, in folders numbered 1-45 and one bundle of papers, mainly consisting of correspondence, reports and some minutes. Some documents are too brittle to microfilm without destroying them.
See also PMB 95-97, 126-132 & 141-144.
See Finding aids for details.

London Missionary Society, Samoan District

Ai Tukutuku Vakalotu Suva: Methodist Mission, 1937-1960

  • AU PMB DOC 205
  • Collection
  • March 1937 - March 1960

For details see PMB Doc .199

Issues for March 1937 - March 1960. Following issues only: No.369 (March 1937): No.547 (Oct. 1952): No.583 (Jan. 1956): No.633 (March 1960)

Ai Tukutuku Vakalotu

Ai Tukutuku Vakalotu Suva: Methodist Mission. No.1 (1893) - No.698 (Nov. 1964)

  • AU PMB DOC 199
  • Collection
  • 1897-1903

Fijian language periodical, published by the Methodist Church in Suva, Fiji, where it was microfilmed. Quarterly in 1896, became monthly in the mid 1900s. Mitchell Library, Sydney, has 1893-1905 (complete): 1906-15 (impf.): 1937-1950 (impf.): 1951-1964 (complete). No complete runs are known for 1906, 1907 and 1909. Covers articles and news of the Methodist Mission in Fiji, the South Pacific and elsewhere. For later volumes see PMB Doc .200-205.

Issues for 1897-1900 (complete): 1901-1903 very incomplete

Ai Tukutuku Vakalotu

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