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British Solomon Islands Protectorate News Sheet (Government Information Service, British Solomon Islands Protectorate, Honiara)

  • AU PMB DOC 422
  • Coleção
  • 1955-1974

The oldest and longest-running news publications are those put out by the Government Information Service. This goes back to the late colonial period when the administration brought out a regular newsheet for national circulation. This was progressively upgraded until 1975 when it was decided to turn it into a weekly newspaper called The Solomons News Drum (PMB Doc 415). This was run as a general newspaper for over seven years from January 1975 until mid-1982 when it was taken over by five Solomon Islanders, renamed the Solomon Star, and run as a private newspaper. The Government Information Service has continued to publish its own newsheet (changing the name at regular intervals), using it to provide information on major policy changes, report meetings of the National Parliament, report national and provincial elections, trace developments in the public sector, cover all the main events in the political and vice-regal year, and generally provide a useful public relations outlet for whichever government is in power. (Ian Frazer, Pambu, Vol.5, No.5, May 1997)

Jul 1955-Dec 1974. Irregular in 1955-56; monthly, 1957-1963; fortnightly, 1964-1974. Includes BSI News [Magazine], Nos.1,3-6,8-11, Aug 1963-Jun 1964. See Finding aids for details.

Solomon Islands botanical index cards

  • AU PMB MS 1366
  • Coleção
  • 1971-1974, 1982

Margaret was born in Maryborough Qld in 1925 and educated in local schools except for one year at Sommerville Brisbane. She has worked as a bank clerk, as a private tutor on a cattle property and did a year at Queensland University and a year of nursing. Margaret and James Tedder lived in the Solomon Islands from 1952 until 1974. During the last years of her residence there, after the children went to Australian schools, Margaret did a lot of bush touring carrying out research on plants used by the Islanders for medicines, cures and other purposes. Most of Margaret Tedder’s plant identifications were checked in the now defunct Forest Herbarium where she lodged duplicates of the plants. These may now (2011) held in the University of South Pacific Herbarium, Suva. On retirement to Australia in 1975 Margaret did a bachelors degree in University of Adelaide majoring in anthropology and Pacific history. Cf. Margaret & James Tedder, Gardening: album of photographs of subsistence gardening in Eastern and Central Solomon Islands, 1955-1974. PMB Photo 48. M.M. Tedder and J.L.O. Tedder, Yams, a description of their cultivation on Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands, SPC Technical Paper No.169, Noumea, South Pacific Commission, 1974; 85 pp., illus. by B. House. Judith Hoye, “Custom medicine in Moli District, Guadalcal”, n.d. (1973?). Ts., roneo, 23pp., at PMB 1365/55.

Index cards on medicinal and other useful plants in the Solomon islands, A-Z, arranged by plant family. The cards record: Name; Family; Habitat; Constituents; Therapeutic activity; Local names; Sources of information; Preparation and use; Regions reporting use; Other locations reporting use. They are coded as follows, Dx = Diagnostic; Rx = Pharmaceutical (‘recipe’). Margaret Tedder undertook some comparative follow-up research in NSW in 1982 which is marked on some of the cards. Additional documents consist of :
• Plant uses, arranged by family A-Z. Excerpts from index cards arranged by plant use.
• Most of the information has been obtained from Central and Makira /Ulawa Province, Most of the plant vernacular provided is not placed into a specific language group or dialect. The main language groups include: Temotu, Malaita-San Cristobal, Gela-Guadalcanal and New Georgia
• List of Informats.
• Codes for Index cards.
See Finding aids for details.

Tedder, Margaret

The Solomons News Drum (Honiara)

  • AU PMB DOC 415
  • Coleção
  • October 1974, February 1975-April 1982

'The Solomons News Drum' was a weekly newspaper published by the Solomon Islands Government. A trial edition was published on 25 Oct 1974 followed by a further 366 issues published from 7 Feb 1975 until 7 May 1982. The name of the newspaper changed to the 'News Drum' in July 1979. Its predecessor was the 'BSI News Sheet'; it was succeeded by 'Solomon Islands News'.

Reel 1 'The Solomon News Drum' trial edition 25 Oct 1974; Nos.1-46, 7 Feb-19 Dec 1975;
Reel 2 Nos.47-96, 9 Jan-17 Dec 1976;
Reel 3 Nos.97-147, 7 Jan-23 Dec 1977;
Reel 4 Nos.148-195, 13 Jan-22 Dec 1977; Nos.196-220, 12 Jan-29 Jun 1979; 'News Drum' Nos.221-245, 6 Jul-21 Dec 1979;
Reel 5 Nos.246-295, 11 Jan-19 Dec 1980;
Reel 6 Nos.296-348, 9 Jan-25 Dec 1981; Nos. 349-360, 362, 8 Jan-9 Apr 1982.

The Solomons News Drum (Honiara)

Private correspondence

  • AU PMB MS 586
  • Coleção
  • 1903 - 1935

Please see PMB 581 for full entry.

Correspondence with private individuals including Albert Hahl, governor of German New Guinea, from 1902-14. The correspondence with Hahl covers the period 1903-16. Other correspondents represented on the microfilm are: Albert Einstein, 1918-30; Mathias Erzberger, 1914-19; Richard Fisk, 1913-29/35; Bruno Fuchs, 1914-18; H. Gerlich, 1889-95, 1915-18; Otto Glein, 1911-16; Fritz Haber, 1924-29; Maximilien von Hagen, 1918-35; Ewald Herker, 1914-20; Edmund and Elizabeth von Heyking, 1914-24; Alfred von Heymel, 1912-14; Gottlieb von Jagow, 1914-34 (Continued on reel PMB 587)

Solf, Wilhelm Heinrich

PNG Collection - Records of fisheries research, surveys and management

  • AU PMB MS 1116
  • Coleção
  • 1939-1984

Fisheries research in Papua New Guinea began in the 1920s with the Archbold expeditions and expanded during the thirty years following Schuster's 1950 Report of a survey of the inland fisheries of the Territory of Papua New Guinea. During the 1970s and 1980s there was a further increase in fisheries research and development in Papua New Guinea.<BR><P>The Fisheries Division of the Department of Agriculture was established in 1954. The Research and Surveys Branch of the Fisheries Division was formed in 1968 with its headquarters at Kanudi Fisheries Research Station, Port Moresby. A PNG Collection of research materials was established by the Research and Surveys Branch in its Library at Kanudi. The PNG Collection includes the P Series of research papers, both published and unpublished, survey material and some adminstrative reports documenting PNG fisheries research from 1948 till 1986 which were selected and arranged by John Lock, a scientist at Kanudi, in 1986.<BR>Further NFA research papers have been microfilmed at PMB 1118.

PNG Collection of Fisheries Research Papers (P Series), Nos. 778. <P><B>See reel list for further details</B>

Papua New Guinea National Fisheries Authority, Research and Management Branch, Kanudi Research Station Library

Papua and New Guinea Villager. Port Moresby: Papua and New Guinea Dept. of Education, C.1950- Rabaul News. Papua and New Guinea Dept. of Education, C.1946 - Jan. 1959

  • AU PMB DOC 405
  • Coleção
  • 1946 - 1959

The Papua and New Guinea Villager was published in English while Rabaul News was published in Pidgin.

  1. Papua and New Guinea Villager, Vol. 2 no. 10 (Nov. 1951) to Vol. 2 No. 11 (Dec. 1951)
  2. Rabaul News, Vol. 6 No. 2 (13 Jan. 1951) to Vol. 14 No. 5 (31 Jan. 1959)

Papua and New Guinea Villager. Port Moresby: Papua and New Guinea Dept. of Education, c.1950- Rabaul News. Papua and New Guinea Dept. of Education, c.1946 - Jan. 1959

Monthly reports

  • AU PMB MS 1135
  • Coleção
  • Dec 1966-Dec 1978

The reports were found in the grounds of the French Residency in Port Vila after it was vacated when Vanuatu gained independence in 1980. Photocopies have been lodged in the libraries of the University of Papua New Guinea, the University of the South Pacific and Canterbury University.

Monthly confidential reports from the French Resident Commissioner in Port Vila to the Minister for Overseas Territories in Paris (in French), together with various other documents including translations of conference papers, press releases and political manifestoes. <P><b>See reel list for further details</B>

New Hebrides French Residency


  • AU PMB MS 197
  • Coleção
  • 1869 - 1893

The Rev. Peter Milne (1834-1924) was born in Scotland and went to the New Hebrides as a Presbyterian Missionary in 1869. After a brief stay on Erromanga, he established himself at Nguna on Efate, where he remained, except for short breaks, for the rest of his life.

There are 33 letters. The first four were written in New Zealand, and all but one of the rest from the New Hebrides - mainly Nguna.

Milne, Peter

Newspaper cuttings relating to the labour trade between Queensland and the New Hebrides

  • AU PMB MS 30
  • Coleção
  • 1890 - 1895

In 1892, Paton was Chairman of the Presbyterian New Hebrides Mission. He was a vigorous opponent of the Queensland labour trade.

Newspaper cuttings relating to the labour trade between Queensland and the New Hebrides detailing, in particular, the iniquitous nature of the trade. The collection includes an open letter by Paton, Protest against the Revival of the Queensland Slave Trade, dated February 1892, to the Premier of Queensland, Sir Samuel Griffith, and Griffith's reply.

Paton, John Gibson

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