The ANU College of Asia and the Pacific (CAP) Student Centre is the one-stop shop for CAP Undergraduate students seeking information about:

  • Enrolment (including courses taken via Open Universities Australia)
  • Language Proficiency Assessments (LPA)
  • Cross-institutional enquiries (for CAP courses)
  • Requests for permission codes
  • Credit
  • Unresolved results
  • Academic progress
  • Timetables
  • Honours enquiries
  • Scholarships and prizes
  • Student mobility and study abroad
  • Graduation

Where is the CAP Student Centre?

The CAP Student Centre is located at Reception in the Coombs Building.

CAP Student Appointments

CAP Student Appointments are available either online or in person in the Coombs Building. If you request an online appointment, Zoom information will be emailed to you. If you book an in person appointment, please report to the CAP Student Centre Front Counter just before your allocated time.

Contact Details

T: 02 6125 3207
Coombs Building Reception
10am to 4pm Monday to Friday
(except Wednesday when we open at 11am)

Late Enrolment Form

For: Undergraduate Students in CAP Programs

Completing the form: Use this form to document permission from the course convenor to late-enrol in a course after the Tuesday of week 2 of each semester. You can fill out the form electronically or print it out. Your course convenor must to complete the convenors declaration and signature section of the form. Once complete, email or hand deliver the form to the CAP Student Centre.

Submission: Once the form is correctly completed and submitted to the CAP Student Centre, you will be enrolled within three working days. 

Contact: CAP Student Centre Undergraduate team.

Student Sponsorship Form

For: Requesting event funding for student societies and groups holding events that benefit CAP students.

Completing the form: Applications need to be submitted by the end of week 2, each semester. You can apply in advance for events that occur before this cut-off.

Submission: Applications will be assessed by a panel. Successful applicants will be informed by the end of week 4.

Contact: CAP Student Centre

Permission Code Form

For: Undergraduate Students wishing to undertake CAP Course that requires a permission code.

Completing the form: If you do not meet the exact pre-requisites for a course but meet the pre-requisites in another way please apply for a permission code via Permission code form.

If you require a permission code for a language you will need to sit a Language Proficiency Assessment

Submission: Once your application is assessed a permission code will be emailed to your student email account.

Contact: CAP Student Centre

CAP Undergraduate Degree Templates

Please see below a helpful degree template to assist you in planning/mapping out your program. In conjunction with this template, please ensure you adhere to the program orders/follow the degree requirements that are listed on the ANU Programs & Courses website (for the year you are admitted into your program). If you are unsure whether or not a course you would like to enrol in can count towards your degree requirements, please seek advice from the CAP Student Centre, prior to enrolling. 

Bachelor of International Security Studies 2023

Bachelor of Asian Studies 2023

Bachelor of Pacific Studies 2023

FDD - Bachelor of International Security Studies 2023

FDD - Bachelor of Asian Studies 2023

FDD - Bachelor of Pacific Studies 2023

Language Proficiency Assessment (LPA)

Students with any previous language experience or exposure are required to take a Language Proficiency Assessment (LPA) to ensure enrolment at the most appropriate level.

Relevant past experience includes:

  • Previous study of the language (self-led or institutional);
  • Being exposed to the language during childhood;
  • Travel or living in a country where the language is spoken and/or;
  • The language is being spoken in your home (even if you don’t speak it)

Semester 1, 2023 LPA information will be available closer to the beginning of the semester.

If the format of the LPA outlined below is via Moodle Cloud, please follow the assessment instruction document linked below. You should receive the outcome of your assessment in approximately 7 working days.

In adherence with the timeline of the MyTimetable system, students are urged to submit their LPA via Moodle at least 1 week before the timetable is released. If you submit your LPA after this date, we cannot guarantee you will be able to finalise your enrolment prior to tutorial selection opening.

Literary Chinese
Students wishing to take any level of Literary Chinese language should first contact Esther Klein for details of the entry requirements.
If the convenor advises that a language proficiency assessment is necessary, students should then complete the Moodle Cloud assessment by using the instruction document above.
The assessment will be open on Moodle. During this period students will have 1 hour to take the assessment.

Students wishing to take any level of Indonesian language should complete the Moodle Cloud assessment by using the instruction document above.
Please complete the written assessment and contact the convenor Wayan Arka to arrange an oral language assessment.

Students wishing to take any level of Mongolian language, should contact Professor Li Narangoa​ to discuss prior experience and appropriate course placement.

Burmese, Cantonese, Chinese (Mandarin), Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Sanskrit, Tetum, Thai, Tibetan, Tok Pisin, Vietnamese
Students wishing to take any level of these languages, should complete the Moodle Cloud assessment by using the instruction document above.

Exchange and Study Abroad

Faith Stellmaker

Study Overseas

Year in Asia
Year in Asia is the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific’s flagship program for in-country study.

Spend a semester studying both language and contextual options in Asia.

Short term In-country experiences

Language courses
Do you want to combine study and travel during your semester breaks? 

Study tour courses
Do you want a course that takes you out of the classroom and into the field?

The internship program gives you hands-on experience across the region.

language pic unsplash