Your journey to mastery of an Asian language begins here. We are internationally renowned for our language programs, some of which aren’t offered anywhere else in the Southern Hemisphere. Studying a language as part of your degree instils communication skills and cross-cultural competence, offering you a competitive edge in almost any career.

By studying at the School of Culture, History & Language, you not only learn your language of study – you live it. Global study opportunities broaden our students’ cultural horizons, while expert teachers ensure they learn from the world’s top scholars.

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Languages are offered to all our students as an elective, from beginners to advanced levels. Additionally, they may also be studied as subjects in non-award programs. Here are common pathways to help you understand how a language fits in the bigger picture of your ANU study.

Undergraduate degrees

Many of our students study a language as part of their Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Languages, however the flexibility of our language programs means they can be added to almost any undergraduate degree. Once you know your degree and language, you then need to choose whether you want to study it as a major (8 courses), advanced minor or minor (both 4 courses). If you are already proficient in your language of study, the major or advanced minor are excellent choices. If you’re starting from scratch and aspire for functionality rather than fluency in your new language, a minor might be for you.

Postgraduate degrees

Students may further continue their language study as honours or postgraduate students. ANU offers several language-focussed postgraduate programs including the Master of Translation and the Master of General and Applied Linguistics, as well as PhD opportunities.


Online study is our most flexible option, allowing you to learn your language wherever you have an Internet connection. ANU College of Asia & the Pacific offers nine languages - Burmese, Hindi, Mongolian, Sanskrit, Tetum, Tibetan, Thai, Tok Pisin and Vietnamese – entirely online via Open Universities Australia (OUA). With no academic prerequisites, you can apply close to the beginning of the semester of admission. This is an excellent choice for those who may later wish to apply for entry to a degree course or who wanting a “taste” of university-level study.

Every language-learning journey has a unique beginning. At the ANU College of Asia and the Pacific, we prepare future leaders for success in our region. Understanding Asia begins here; the final destination is up to you.